6 Signs It's Time to See a Neurologist

6 Signs It’s Time to See a Neurologist

Neurology is the diagnosis and treatment of all the available groups of diseases and conditions that involve the peripheral and central nervous systems of the brain.

Neurological practice is entirely dependent on the field of neuroscience, and the scientific study of the human nervous system. The best neurology hospital in Bangalore offers the patients the best of services available.

6 Signs It’s Time to See a Neurologist

A neurologist is a medical specialist who deals in neurology. A neurologist treats the diseases dealing with the spinal cord and the brain (the central nervous system) and the peripheral and muscles.

The various types of Neurological diseases are epilepsy, headache, and movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and many more. The given below article will help you with 6 important signs which give you the signal that you need to visit a neurologist.

The six vital signs which tell you that you must see a neurologist are:


If you start having severe headaches and sudden onset disturbing your day-to-day activities it is a sign that you must see a neurologist. Headaches are of different types like it starts early in the morning, sometimes there may be seizures and changes in vision. So they have different modalities of treatments.

2.Numbness or tingling

If at any time you start developing weakness or numbness on one side of your body like the arms or legs, or some sudden facial changes like asymmetry or your face appear not to be in its original state.

This happens because you might have developed a brain attack, brain stroke, or paralysis. In this state, you should consult the neurologist immediately.

3.Sleep Disturbances

If you’re having sleep problems like difficulty in falling asleep, having nightmares, getting up frequently after you’ve slept, sleep talking, having difficulty in waking up from sleep, or fewer hours of sleep time then it is the time you visit a neurologist. Lack of sleep can be hazardous if not treated in time.

4.Memory problems or confusion

Loss of memory happens with old age but if it starts happening at a young age then it is a sign of illness. You might start forgetting simple things like names, basic calculations, addresses, also lack of concern for others, whether you have eaten your meals and others are neurological problems.

5.Visual Problems

Visual problems like strabismus can occur partly due to some eye disease or due to any brain disease.

If you suddenly have some problems with your vision like it getting blurred, decreased vision or dark spots, or some sort of light passing in front of your eyes then you need to visit a neurologist immediately.

All these can be signs of a brain stroke or a brain attack. The best neurology hospital in Bangalore has the best neurologists for you.


A large part of the brain helps in controlling balance and maintaining posture upright. Any damage or disease to these parts of the brain can affect your body like feeling giddy, swaying while walking, loose balancing.


A neurologist can help you in identifying the cause of symptoms and also create a proper treatment plan for both complex and common neurological conditions.

So if you find any of the above symptoms affecting you the first thing you should do is visit a neurologist to get the illness cured. The best neurology hospital in Bangalore has the best neurologists with the best neurological examination services and modern instruments.

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