All you need to know about blazers for men

All you need to know about blazers for men

Whether it is a wedding or just a casual party, it is best to have a wide range of blazers in your wardrobe for an overall charming look. Well, there are many things you need to know about men’s blazers, especially when it comes to buying them.

All you need to know about blazers for men

The things you can consider are the material, the kind of style you wish to choose and most importantly, the way to wear them. It is time that you know what kind of blazers are great for you. All you need to do is read the following points, and you will get to know everything about blazers starting from their history to wearing a blazer.

What is a blazer?

A blazer resembles a jacket without forming a part of a suit and is suitable for formal occasions. Many of them argue on the origins of the blazer. There are many stories related to its origins. Some people say that the rowers in Cambridge were the first to wear them. The rowers used bright red jackets as glorified athletic windbreakers. Due to its fire-like colour, the term ‘blazer’ was given to these jackets. Some others argue that the blazer originated in 1937 when Queen Victoria visited the Royal Navy ship, HMS Blazer. The vessel’s captain had solicited new designs of the uniform for them to wear, making the blazers popular ever since. The men’s blazers’ exact origins might begin anywhere, either from the rowers or the Royal Navy Ship. At present, they are appropriate for work, smart-casual events, and weddings.

What is the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket?

The significant difference between a suit jacket and a blazer is that you can buy a suit jacket with trousers whereas you can buy blazers solely for any event.

What are some blazer styles?

When you go shopping, you will find two types of blazer styles. They are single-breasted blazers and double-breasted blazers.

Single-breasted blazers:

Most single-breasted blazers have one, two or three buttons similar to suit jackets. You will also find some single-breasted blazers with four or five buttons. You can wear them on a multitude of occasions like date nights, casual parties or weddings. Indeed, you will look fantastic wearing a blazer for these special occasions.

Double-breasted blazers:

 Double-breasted blazers are designed with a substantial amount of fabric. Additionally, you will find these blazers with two columns of buttons. You can wear the double-breasted blazers for any formal occasions rather than casual parties since they are mostly styled to make the wearer appealing for formal gatherings or meetings.

How to wear a blazer?

You can wear a blazer in several different ways depending upon the blazer since it is versatile. Below are the blazers you can wear and pair for various occasions.

1.Pairing with grey blazers:

You will find grey blazers to be highly versatile. There are so many ways in which you can wear them. You can pair the grey blazers with brown, blue or navy slim-fit trousers. You can even layer them over a T-shirt, formal shirt or jumper. The grey blazers look perfect when you style them with trainers or maybe even brown or black brogues. You will be the picture of perfection for any event.

2.Pairing with a navy blazer:

You can layer navy blazers over a jumper or a casual T-shirt similar to the grey blazers. You can also purchase a round neck T-shirt for your blazer to give you that perfect look. Furthermore, you can pair them with slim-fit grey or tan trousers or maybe even jeans.

3.Pairing with a tweed blazer:

Tweed blazers are quite the formal blazer for any formal event. In case you are looking to pair this men’s blazer with for a casual event, you can do so by pairing it with tan chinos or dark wash jeans.

Now that you have learnt everything about the blazers for men, you can purchase them and look brilliant on all of your special occasions.

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