Best Natural Parks In Croatia

Best Natural Parks In Croatia

Croatia is one of the best countries to visit if you are an adventure seeker. Nature lovers and all those that love beautiful sceneries will fall in love with the national parks in Croatia. Croatia is the type of a country that has it all.

Best Natural Parks In Croatia

For the first timers, the excitement to see it all might get overwhelming and pose a challenge trying to decide which national park to visit first. There are several parks in Croatia, but we have seen it all, and we know the best national parks to see first. Listed below is a brief overview of the best national parks in Croatia:

Kirka National Park

The park lies at about 10km from Sibenik in Central Dalmatia. Kirka National park has some of the best waterfalls in Croatia. The good thing about this place is that you can enjoy swimming here in some of the small waterfalls. The name of the site is derived from the river that runs through the park and pours into the beautiful waterfalls. There is a famous must-see, the Skradinski Buk that one can tour then take a boat to see the 15th-century monastery located in visovac island. The wildlife and plants here are one of a kind. You can get a tour guide to help you learn about them. What makes this place unique is the natural scent of the flowers and the mystic air that is well scented by the waterfalls. You will surely love visiting this place.

Kornati National Park

This beautiful paradise of islands and islets is located in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic Sea. The most spectacular thing that will seduce you, at first sight, is the 89 islands, rocks, and islets. They are so strategically placed by nature that you will enjoy every bit of the scenery. The unique thing about this park is the vertical cliffs that are facing the open sea. The ambiance of the sea and the fresh air will surely make it worth the visit. You can enjoy water sports like recreational fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving here. If you happen to travel in spring, you can participate in the Kornati Cup, a traditional sailboats competition.

Brijuni Islands

This national park is made up of fourteen islands. This place has it all for all those that love adventure and history. Romans used to take their vacations here, and the remains of their villas can be seen and are open for exploration, but remain as Croatia property. This place is also famous for the pre-historic footprints of dinosaurs that were uncovered in four different locations and are well preserved for everyone to see. One can rent a bicycle or a golf cart and tour the islands.

Croatia is a beautiful place to visit and has a beautiful landscape with so many breath-taking scenery features that will take your mind away. All these places are also known for their sailing excursions. Croatia sailing is extremely popular because it is the best way you can explore these sites and enjoy them to the fullest. You should definitely make plans to visit this fantastic country. The national parks of Croatia have the best environment for bonding with your loved one, friends and family.

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