How To Fight Bug Buildup From Sticking To Your Vehicle

How To Fight Bug Buildup From Sticking To Your Vehicle

Nobody wants to see a layer of bug guts when they look out their windshield. If this sight sounds familiar, though, you’re not alone. Most drivers are forced to deal with bug residue at some point. You can simply clean your windshield and remove the bug buildup, but after time, you might grow weary of the constant cleaning. Installing a 2021 RAV4 hood deflector can help you cut down on cleaning time and prevent airborne grime from accumulating on your vehicle’s exterior. Check out some of the best ways to prevent bug buildup, protect your paint and sealant, and ensure that your car’s exterior looks its best.

Use a Deep Bug Cleanser

Despite your best efforts, a certain amount of bug buildup is likely inevitable. A 2021 RAV4 hood deflector is an effective way to combat the problem, but you’ll still need to do a deep cleaning from time to time. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that can help you keep bugs at bay and maintain a clean windshield. A cleaning agent that’s specifically designed to remove bugs will feature ingredients that penetrate tough residue and remove the stickiest stuff. It’s a good idea to keep this on hand if you want to keep your windshield clean, clear, and free from bugs.

Using a deep bug cleanser is easy. Most of these products can simply be mixed with water in order to create a soapy yet strong solution. When applied to your car, it can break down even the toughest dried-on bugs, revealing the clean and shiny surface that lies underneath. Bug cleaners are designed to eradicate caked-on dirt and bug guts while still being gentle on your car’s paint, so you never need to worry about damaging your car’s exterior appearance when you use one of these products.

Prepare Your Vehicle Beforehand

How do you remove deep dirt from a car and maximize the effectiveness of a bug removing cleanser? There are a few important steps you should follow, but the first and most important is properly preparing your vehicle. Before you break out the cleaner, you should check to make sure that all of your car’s windows are rolled up completely and all doors are closed securely. Similarly, you should inspect the headlights and windshield to ensure there are no cracks that may allow moisture to penetrate. Finally, you should deploy the emergency brake for additional security while you’re washing the car.

After you’ve prepped your car, you’re ready to eliminate the layer of bugs and dirt that have covered it. You can wash your car carefully but effectively by using a microfiber cloth. Microfiber is safe for use on a vehicle’s delicate paint job because it is highly absorbent. They are also typically made from materials such as polyester and polyamide, too, which are minimally abrasive. All of these characteristics make microfiber cloths fast-drying, which means that they are less likely to wear out quickly or become moldy after absorbing too much moisture.

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