Know the scope of Data Analysis and Visualization in Ireland in 2021

Know the scope of Data Analysis and Visualization in Ireland in 2021

Once American politician Henry Hubbard has said, “There is a magic in graphs. The profile of curve reveals in a flash a whole situation.” Similarly, data visualisation acts as a lifeline for businesses worldwide. Wondering how? Data visualisation simplifies Big Data into the form of tables, charts, graphs and maps for the consumption of the Business Intelligence (BI) industry.

Know the scope of Data Analysis and Visualization in Ireland in 2021

Data visualisation is vital for identifying patterns, trends and outliers in Big Data. With the outcome of data visualisation, businesses gain an insight into consumer’s behaviour, audience pattern and market reach. The Business Intelligence industry is utilising data to decide for companies.

Data Analysis and Visualisation in Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is home to several companies that majorly deals in food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles and machinery. Ireland is also a major exporter of machinery and equipment, computers, medical devices and animal products and ranks 24th in the category of ease-of-doing-business.

Similar to the world, Ireland is also data-driven and significantly depends upon data to gain insights. Ireland uses data visualisation tools such as Tableau, Google Charts, Chartist, Visme and Looker to handle large data sets. The data analysis tasks are performed by Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Statisticians to get a clear opinion based on their performance.

Notably, the demand for Data Analysts is skyrocketing in Ireland. According to a prediction published by the World Economic Forum in 2018, 85 percent of businesses worldwide will adopt Big Data and Analytics technologies by 2022. The forecast also shows that 96 percent of companies will be permanent onboarding employees with the relevant skillset and experience. Ambitious professionals looking for a rewarding and challenging career can study data visualisation course Dublin

Studying Data Visualisation course in Ireland’s Dublin can open vast career opportunities for aspiring data analysts as the nation is a hub of significant computer services. Data Analysis and Visualisation is the most in-demand study programme among students in Ireland. Upon completing the programme, aspirants secure jobs in the leading national and multinational companies (MNCs) that manage data.

Online Diploma in Data Analysis and Visualisation: Course Overview

Online Diploma in Data Analysis and Visualisation course is one of the most opted programmes among students in Ireland. The course is best for those aspirants running short on time and aspire to gain core data analyst skills. The 10-week part-time programme trains students in analysing and visualising data. Students pursuing this programme will be able to use the tableau interface and manipulate various data sources in numerous ways.

After successfully completing this short professional course, students can work in data insights teams and solve business problems by applying data analytics and visualisation. As more and more businesses are planning to hire data analysts and data scientists on payroll, the scope of these graduates is much higher. 

As Ireland is an attraction for high-value projects worldwide, the scope of Data Analysis and Visualisation in the nation is soaring. So, make a well-informed decision by enrolling in the programme for a rewarding career in Ireland.

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