ome Stand Out From The Crowd

The A to Z Guide to Make Your Home Stand Out From The Crowd

We spend our day-to-day life in business and work, but what we crave the most is a beautiful and comfortable home to return to and spend our leisure time in. There are times when we have to move from place to place or maybe search for a permanent abode. When living in a society, with friends, colleagues, and family, our home defines our lifestyle. Having a home that can make eyes turn, leaves a good impression and leaves superior memories.

Important Factors For Setting Up a Home

       The Colours

Choosing the right color for your walls can be quintessential for setting the mood of the rooms. Light colors set out an open and jolly vibe, while darker, royal colors like red or blue will help you set an intellectual tone that demands respect.

       Choice of Furniture

The choice of doors, windows, and WII U ROMs other furniture you put into your house set the class of your habitat. Some good wood and the placement of a few other items at places where they are needed are really gamechanger.

       The Ceiling

The ceiling can change a lot of a room. Orthodox ceilings look monotonous but fancy modern ceilings add life to a room. The option of false ceilings or layered structures add design and elegance to the house and the advanced option of lighting incorporated into the ceiling adds even more to its grandeur.

     Exclusive Areas

Separate areas of the house dedicated for special use are a must. Every modern house that is built to impress must have certain features which take a house to superior levels. For example, a reading (library) area or an aristocratic bookshelf in the study.

A cozy living room with a big-screen television set and a comfortable couch can just make the day for many people.


Balconies are a must. Small balconies in corners of the building or adjoining rooms just add to the freshness and beauty of a home. Staying connected with nature and enjoying the fresh air is really a  big bonus. Adding some potted plants to it hugely amplifies the beautification of the whole area. Any one who steps in would be astounded.

       An Artistic Touch

Adding some portraits on the walls at certain places adds to the fascination people experience when they first visit your home. Or some decorative rugs under your sofa or bed or maybe some minimalistic art on your walls can be the awe you were looking for.

Make Your Homes Stand Out From The Crowd! - Clarity Cleans

      Furniture for Rent

Living in a country like India, we don’t always need to buy all the furniture we need. One can get furniture on rent in Mumbai and other major cities, saving a lot of money, especially on occasions when the need is temporary, like in a transferable job.

You can also rent beds and other essentials as and when needed to save some money and also meet your requirements. As said earlier, if temporary, renting furniture is the best option for anyone.

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