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Top 3 Most Beautiful Cities In Asia

Top 3 Most Beautiful Cities In Asia

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Alongside being the largest continent in the world, Asia is also known for its beautiful cities. If you are one of those who likes traveling, you might have heard stories about the unique histories of some of the Asian cities. For instance, if we take countries such as Japan and China, you will realize that these two have numerous cities, all with diverse cultures thus being able to attract millions of tourists every year.

Top 3 Most Beautiful Cities In Asia

Some of the things that make these cities attractive are the ancient palaces and temples, as you may find in Taipei, Chiang Mai, and Phnom Penh. Now, here comes the big cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo and Hong Kong, cities that brims with diverse cultural experiences. Now, all these cities are beautiful, but which are the top three beautiful among them? Which are your three favorite cities? The following is a list of the three most beautiful cities that you can’t miss to visit.

Kyoto (Japan)

Kyoto is among those cities known to contain ancient shrines and temples. The city was declared a world heritage site in 1994. This follows the fact that each year, it receives more than 30 million tourists. The city is renowned for its popular tourist destinations. It has also been listed as one of the best 100 cities where one can eat well.

Hong Kong (China)

When you visit this city, be sure to view the Hong Kong skyline as it is the most spectacular view that one can really enjoy. In fact, it’s not only the most spectacular, but it is also the most memorable in the entire world. If you like tourism, you will enjoy a lot of Chinese architecture and traditions in this wonderful city.

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The city is also known for its administrative functions, as it is one of the Special Administrative Regions in China. As you approach the south coast of the country, you will enjoy viewing the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea as these two are the ones that enclose the beautiful city.

The other feature that adds to the city’s beauty is the deep natural harbor. As you leave Hong Kong, you will have visited one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It is also ranked as the second best city where one can eat well. If you happen to enjoy your honeymoon here, you will not leave China without enjoying Hong Kong massage. What an amazing city!

Bangkok ( Thailand)

If there is a town that is well known for uniqueness, then it is Bangkok. There is no other city like this in the whole world. The floating markets, calm atmosphere, and golden palaces are what beautify this wonderful city. In fact, these are some of the features that attract millions of tourists to this city. This is also the most populated city in Thailand as it accommodates of the country’s population, which translate to over 8 million people.

So, those who have traveled to different Asian cities have voted these as the most beautiful cities in Asia. Make a trip to one of these cities and enjoy the fantastic moments as you view their spectacular tourists’ attractions sites.

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