What to Know Before Getting Garage Doors Installed

What to Know Before Getting Garage Doors Installed

Garage door installation is an expensive undertaking, but it also delivers a high ROI. New garage doors increase the value of your home by 94.5 % of what it costs to install them.

That’s if you know how to pick the right ones for your home. These are the things to consider when choosing new garage doors.

Safety and Security

The main aim of any garage is to keep your car and other items safe. It can do this job so much better when equipped with extra safety features. Some garage door openers come with extra safety features like rolling-code technology which changes the security code after every use.

From a safety perspective, motion sensors are a vital component of every garage door. These garage door parts prevent the door from closing on children or pets who happen to pass by while it’s in operation.

Suitable Garage Door Materials

The materials you choose for your doors affect the price of garage door repair and installation. Some of the most popular ones include:

Wood Doors

These doors offer oodles of aesthetic appeal. Yet they require ongoing maintenance.

Wood Composite Doors

These doors comprise a wooden veneer over steel doors. They’re tough and attractive, but you’ll still need to maintain the wooden exterior.

Metal Doors

Steel is a strong, durable material that stands up well to impacts. It’s prone to corrosion unless you get it treated.

Lightweight aluminum can resist rust, but it’s not as strong as steel.


Despite its durable, low maintenance qualities, fiberglass can’t withstand temperature fluctuations. It’s not suitable for cold climates.


This modern material is extremely versatile. It’s also a durable, low-maintenance choice.

While you’re choosing materials, remember to take garage door insulation into account too. Some materials, like fiberglass, are excellent insulators, helping to prevent heat loss through your garage.

Garage Doors To Suit Your Home

An ugly door, or one that doesn’t match your home’s style, will detract from your home’s curb appeal and its value. For instance, metal doors work best with modern homes, while barn-style doors suit a ranch design best.

If you can’t find a garage door that ticks all your boxes, or you have a truly unique home design, you can also opt for a customized garage door. Yet, according to https://www.portesdegaragemb.com, the type of door you choose limits your customization options.

Convenience and Efficiency

Adding a wireless keypad or smartphone kit makes opening your garage door a breeze. Your garage door motor affects how well your garage door operates.

The heavier your door, the more horsepower you’ll need to keep it running smoothly. Always work with a qualified garage technician to find the best option for your home.

Making Your Home Better

Follow these tips, so you can reap all the best rewards of installing new garage doors. Apart from delivering a great ROI, garage doors also enhance your home’s security, make your life easier, and add aesthetic appeal to the exteriors.

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