10 Reasons Gyms Are Investing in Chat Marketing & Social Chatbots

The first Facebook chatbot went live in April 2016. In less than six months, developers had created more than 180,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger. The original idea for the Facebook chatbot was to provide marketers with a new way to interact with their customers.

Chatbots are becoming more popular in the fitness industry, they are a great way for gyms to reach potential members as well as support their existing members. Below we have outlined 10 reasons why gyms and health studios should invest in chat marketing & social chatbots.

Increase lead generation

Gyms can use chatbots and click-to-message ads to increase their leads. Chat marketing has been adopted by many different industries to engage potential customers and convert them into leads. It can be used by gyms to generate leads, offer discounts and answer customer service questions.

Build rapport with potential customers

With the use of chat marketing, gyms can easily build rapport with potential customers. This type of marketing requires no budget and produces a quick return on investment. With this strategy, the gym can connect with their customers and create relationships that lead to increased revenue streams.

Provide the customer with a personalised experience

Studies have shown that people are interested in interacting with gym staff on social media. The goal of Chat Marketing is to provide the customer with a personalised experience by answering their questions, providing workout motivation, and even booking appointments.

Build relationships at scale

Chat Marketing is a new digital marketing technique that integrates chatbots with the other channels of marketing. Chatbots are computer programs that are designed to simulate conversations with humans. They can be used to answer customer questions, provide support and even sell products.

Get insights on stories

Chat marketing is a great way to reach out to current or potential customers and get insights on their stories.

Utilising multi channels

In order to generate leads, many gyms use chat marketing on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook as a way of getting in touch with potential customers.

Send automated responses

Gyms can implement chat marketing to connect with consumers through social media. To do so, the gym would need a chatbot that is tailored to the physical fitness industry. This chatbot can start conversations, answer questions, and send automated responses to inquiries from customers.

Provide easy access to customer service

Gyms and fitness centres need to establish a customer service presence on social media. This is a great opportunity to provide quick, easy access to customer service personnel for customers.

Measure performance

Gyms can use Chat Marketing for customer service metrics to better measure performance and hone interactions on social media channels and websites.

Marketing advantage

Gyms have always relied heavily on word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers. Nowadays, it is necessary to engage with potential and current clients instantly using chat marketing. By using a chatbot or an AI assistant such as Google Assistant, gyms can provide one-on-one customer service when it is needed the most.

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