3 Signs You Should Call a Bed Bug Removal Service

Here’s a fact that can make your hair stand on end: there are at least 90 species of bed bugs.While only a few of them feed on humans, one of the most common, Cimex lectularius, is all over the US. The other common species, Cimex hemipterus, has also invaded the State of Florida.

Regardless of where you live, your home is at risk of bed bug infestations, especially if you travel a lot. Thus, it pays to know the signs you need a bed bug removal service.

Read on, as we’ve listed the top three indications below.

1. Red and Itchy Bites

Bed bug bites start as tiny red spots that can swell into patches of at least 10 millimeters in diameter. While not everyone who gets bitten exhibits signs, they’re intensely itchy in those who do.

Bed bugs can also feed multiple times in one go. Thus, they often leave bites in clusters of three or more near each other.

Upon closer inspection, you may notice each bite has a puncture in the middle. It’s also usually redder than the surrounding area.

Get bed bug control services ASAP if you notice any of those symptoms. Allowing these blood-suckers to keep making a meal out of you can lead to sleep disruptions. Over time, that can result in insomnia and even paranoia.

2. Brown Stains on Pajamas and Bedding

Check your pajamas and sheets for reddish-brown stains if you see itchy red bites on your skin. According to the guide on this page, such marks can be a mixture of your blood and bed bug excrement. These critters, after all, defecate while they feed on your blood.

It’s also wise to inspect the mattress itself for similar indications. Bed bugs love to hide right after they gorge themselves on your blood, so they may also leave stains on their trail.

Don’t wait until all those rust-colored marks fill your entire mattress. Instead, get bed bug removal services the same day you spot these stains so that the pros can get rid of the bugs ASAP.

3. Seed-Like Things on Your Bed

Bed bug eggs are cream in color and about a millimeter in length. They look pretty much like white sesame seeds. However, you may also see a red spot or two on one end if you look at them under a magnifying glass or a microscope.

Those red spots are the eyes of a developing bed bug. The redder they are, the closer the egg is to hatching.

On the other hand, adult bed bugs look more like flat apple seeds. They plump up, though, immediately following a blood meal.

Either way, you might see the eggs or the adults by bed frame crevices and mattress seams. They might even be in nail holes, under the floors, or behind wall outlets.

Since there are so many places where bed bugs hide and lay eggs, it’s best to call a bed bug control pro as soon as you see a few.

Don’t worry, as you can rely on pest removal specialists to treat your entire home, and not only your bed.

Call a Bed Bug Removal Service ASAP

Remember: Red, itchy bites on your skin are some of the first signs you need a bed bug removal service. So, it’s best not to delay calling experts immediately after noticing these symptoms. The sooner the pros can eradicate the bugs, the fewer chances they have to invade your entire home.

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