3 Well-Known Misconceptions That You Need To Know About Gin

3 Well-Known Misconceptions That You Need To Know About Gin

If you are only a few kilometres south of the city of Sydney, you should consider visiting a gin distillery. Even if you are not a big fanatic of gin, you can find different distilleries in Sydney like Archie Rose Distilling Co., which is one of the many great gin brands you need to discover. One exquisite type of gin you have to try out in Sydney is the Sunrise Lime Gin, which has a herbaceous aroma of lime along with a complement of mandarin peel and orange zest. 

However, you can find that others will never go to the best gin bar in Sydney because of the different misconceptions they still believe in. It will ruin the experience for many who are still new to drinking gin, so they should learn the truth behind them. If you want to know gin better, you have to figure out the truth to each myth about gin. 

Misconception #1: Drinking Gin Causes Sadness and Depression

Since gin is considered alcohol, many Sydneysiders believe that they will feel sadness once they drink enough of it. Alcohol is a type of depressant that affects the brain’s happy chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin, so there is a possibility that the person might feel deficient in those chemicals the day after drinking. 

Fortunately, Sydney residents will never experience sadness, depression, or negative feelings when they drink gin. You should have no problems drinking 80-proof gin and vodka because you will feel no difference in the taste or feel besides the several herbs and citrus peelings. 

Misconception #2: Gin and Tonic Can Repel Malaria Today

In history books, you may have read that gin is one of the best ways to repel yourself of malaria. It is one of the most deadly diseases brought by mosquitoes, and it has already caused several deaths around Sydney. Unfortunately, visiting the best gin bar in Sydney has to offer will not protect you from malaria today. 

You should know that tonic water only contains small traces of quinine, an active ingredient that helps combat malaria. Distilleries across Sydney have reduced the amount of quinine because it was too bitter for the public to taste. Keep in mind that the recommended amount of quinine you need to take is 2100 mg every day if you want to protect yourself against the adverse effects of malaria. 

Misconception #3: Every Gin You Buy Will Taste Like Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are one component when it comes to creating gin. One famous myth about it is that people who are new to drinking gin should expect a taste that resembles juniper berries all the time. That is entirely false because Sydney distilleries have different methods for creating gin, which means every gin they make will also taste different. 

You can find many types of flavoured gin that every Sydneysider can enjoy. You do not have to worry about gin tasting like juniper berries all the time because you have the option to select from a wide range of gin flavours. The only problem you will have is finding the right gin flavour that will suit your feelings, stomach, and taste buds. 

If ever you plan on visiting Sydney in the future, do not waste time and find a gin distillery so that you can experience the best gin that you will ever have in your life. 

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