4 Innovative Ideas for Website Design Elements

4 Innovative Ideas for Website Design Elements

Did you know that 48% of users believe that website design is the #1 factor in judging a business’s credibility? A website that is up to date keeps your brand current and brings in more customers.

If you think your website design elements have nothing to do with conversions, think again! It’s time for an upgrade.

Keep reading to learn four ideas for website design.

  1. Full-Page Headers

One of the top trends last year that has carried on into 2022 is full-page headers. There are various things you can do with a full-page header.

Typically, a designer will include text, CTA buttons, and visuals. You can use these elements to create something unique to your brand.

Full-page headers can be used to promote a new product, newsletter signup, testimonials, and more.

  1. Custom Illustrations

In a world filled with similar stock photos, it’s hard to show off your brand personality. Instead of using the same image that 50 other brands have used, create custom illustrations to stand out on your website.

This is one of the top ideas for website design because it can evoke emotion, build personal connections, and create connections.

Choose an illustration style that fits your vibe and use custom images to set yourselves apart from your competitors.

You can hire a graphic designer who specializes in web design to help you with this. Check out Beanstalkwebsolutions.com for a good place to start.

  1. Dark Mode

Dark mode is an element that can improve website design and bring in more visitors. Dark mode is loved and preferred by a lot of internet users across the world.

It offers less eye strain, accessibility, elegant design, and prolonged battery life.

If you want customers to shamelessly scroll through your website late at night, you’ll need to implement a dark mode feature.

This won’t get rid of your traditional website look. Instead, provide users with the option of the dark mode design.

This might make things more complicated on the design end, but it can help you uncover the needs of a larger target audience that other companies don’t offer.

  1. e SpaceWhit

This might sound opposite of what you just read, but white space doesn’t always mean white space. The concept refers to placing emptiness in the foreground to emphasize certain website content.

You can increase website traffic by having an aesthetically pleasing website. These days, that looks like a site with enough white space to give off a minimalistic look.

Putting too much on one page of a website can be overwhelming for users. Instead of looking through the various different elements to find what they need, they’ll look to your competitors for easier access.

Ideas for Website Design Elements to Try

Although there are various ideas for website design elements, you might find that not all of them fit into your brand persona.

Don’t try something just because it’s trending. The entire idea behind branding is to use elements that show off your personality.

If you find that these elements fit within your branding terms, try them out! Keep coming back for other design ideas to increase website conversion rates and more.

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