4 Style Tips For Choosing The Perfect Diamond Ring

4 Style Tips For Choosing The Perfect Diamond Ring

Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding proposal and a gorgeous scintillating diamond ring to add to the joy of her engagement. There are hordes of engagement rings in the market, so which style would suit your personality like a match made in heaven? Here is the most trending and exhaustive list of diamond ring styles that you can choose from:


No style echoes forever as much as the classic solitaire diamond ring. The best part of solitaire is that it blends seamlessly with every other jewellery piece and never looks out of place. Depending on the size and carats of the large centrepiece diamond, the prices can swing from affordable to outrageous. The downside of a solitaire style is that it is cliche. The affordable solitaire rings lack uniqueness, and choosing a single large rock can quickly become an expensive affair.

Side Stone:

Side stone diamond ring is yet another classic and timeless ring. The three diamonds on these rings represent the past, future and a large present. These rings’ most significant advantage over solitaire rings is that you can choose a smaller diamond and enhance its shine with two complimenting smaller diamonds on the side. In looks and lustre, it can hands-down beat the solitaire if few thumb rules are kept in mind:

  • If you plan to go for less than 1.5-carat centrepiece diamond, then choose 0.13-carat side diamonds
  • For a centrepiece diamond of 1.5-2.5 carat, choose 0.25-carat diamonds as side stones
  • For a centrepiece larger than 3 carats, choose 0.5-carat diamonds as side stones

Halo Rings:

One of the most trending styles of all is the Halo ring. A halo ring is called so because the centrepiece diamond has a ring or halo of smaller diamonds around it. The halo or ring around the central diamond enhances the lustre and brilliance of the central piece by many folds without spending huge amounts of money for a centrepiece diamond with a large carat weight. The advantage can only be practical when choosing the perfect diamonds of the right carat weight for the halo. If you get carried away, then the diamonds on the halo will negate the savings you made on the centrepiece, and the ring can become more expensive and not deliver any extra lustre and brilliance for the price paid. A halo ring looks beautiful, but like everything beautiful, halo rings are fragile. The diamonds on the halo require extra attention. Any rough handling or use and you may lose a diamond or two.

Prong Set Style:

If you want your diamond to refract more light and shine like a piece of a star, then prong set style would be the most eloquent style to indulge. The large centrepiece diamond is held in place with metallic claws or prongs. More claws can translate into a more secure hold on the diamond, lesser number of prongs can translate into more light passing through the diamond, hence better brilliance. The claws are specially designed to hold the diamond by its edge securely. Prong-set style diamond rings require your attention and care. The delicate claws can give away if handled roughly, and you may lose your precious rock. As a part of regular maintenance, you must engage in stone tightening to ensure the diamond’s security.

Summing Up:

Diamonds are forever along with your better half; hence a lot of thought and personality must be sought in both. Choose one from many engagement rings that suit your style and blend into your finger and heart with brilliance. Do not rush into buying the ring; carefully consider the lifestyle you lead and your everyday routine. Style trends may keep varying every season but choose a ring that resonates with you more than the trend.

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