5 Tips if You’re Looking to Buy a Washing Machine

A washing machine is an appliance that offers quick cleaning without much fuss. India saw many households invest in fully automatic washing machines during the pandemic-inflicted lockdown in 2020. As house help was forced to remain under lockdown too, many households had to find ways of coping with household chores, not least of which is cleaning clothes. The top load washing machine is one of the two types of washers Indians buy, the other being front load machines. Fully automatic washing machines are more in demand than semi-automatic models, as they are more efficient, and do not require manual intervention. Semi-automatic machines are more affordable, requiring manual work. There are many variables to consider while buying a washing machine, the first of which is budget. As important as that is the size/capacity. If you’re looking to purchase a washing machine today, here are five handy pointers to help you make an informed and decisive choice. 

Tip 1 – Think of Types

Washing machine price is influenced by washing machine type. There are some pros and cons of both top load and front load machines, but the advantages veer towards front-loading machines, mainly because these are more efficient, save on power and water, and are more durable and convenient to use. Additionally, front-load machines do a better job of washing your clothes, and have advanced technology which makes machines corrosion-free, pest repellent and self-cleaning. In front load machines, technology is facilitated more by their design. Top load machines are less expensive and promote ease of use, as you load clothes from the top, not having to bend down. They are also slimmer and fit into narrow spaces. If you have space and can spend on a washing machine, a front-load washer is a good investment, as many of these come with in-built dryers, unlike their top-load counterparts. Brands like Samsung, IFB, Bosch and LG make great washing machines of both types. 

Tip 2 – Affordability – Buy the Best in your Budget

Every individual has a budget that matches their own financials, and you should buy a washing machine, price being a factor. You can buy a good quality machine, whatever type you choose, with basic functions to give your clothes a thorough wash. Although the overall consensus is that front-loaders are better than top loaders, top loaders are modern, have digital displays and many have anti-corrosion and technology built-in to wash your clothes with soak and turbo wash systems that are satisfactory. With deals on most e-commerce portals and EMI options, it’s not hard to afford a good washing machine. Research your appliance well, and you may find an affordable top load washing machine matching your pocket and washing requirements, with significant modes/wash programs. Buying a LG washing machine comes with packed features in a limited budget.

Tip 3 – Energy Efficiency

When you do your research (and this should be your #1 tip – doing thorough research), you will discover energy-efficient and fast machines. These are good to go in for, as you will likely spend a lot on the washer, so you may want to save on power costs. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) gives appliances star ratings between 1 and 5, for energy efficiency. Look for a top load washing machine or a front-load one that has a rating of 3 and above. You get good models like the Samsung 7 Kg top-load machine (WA70T4262BS-TL), with a 5-star rating and wobble technology that gives your clothes a good wash, with a gentle touch. 

Tip 4 – Consider the Capacity

This is one of the main considerations while buying a washing machine. Larger capacities may mean you have to pay more, but they ensure that they are future-proof in terms of size. In case your family increases in terms of members, or you have guests living with you from time to time, it’s sensible to go in for a machine that is large. The average size that Indians opt for is 7 Kg, as this is satisfactory for a family of 4 members. Think of your washing needs; if you are going to wash heavy linen, like tablecloths, bedsheets and the like, it’s better to opt for an 8 Kg capacity. 

Tip 5 – Technology/Features

It is recommended that you buy a fully automatic washing machine as it is convenient and everything is done automatically. Consumers opt for these as they come with the best technology in a top load washing machine, or a front-load type. Technology is up-to-date, and you can plan wash cycles according to your schedule, operating modes and programs at the press of a button. Besides this, many come with novel features where you can add clothes to the washing cycle mid-way, operate anti-allergen functions and control dampness and humidity in the monsoon. Front-load machines have temperature control, an important factor in cleaning, but top-load models don’t. 

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