6 of the Best Adidas Running Shoes on the Market Today

6 of the Best Adidas Running Shoes on the Market Today

It’s recommended that runners replace their shoes every 300 to 500 miles.

So, if you run about three miles a day, or 20 miles a week, that’s once every four to six months. You can scale up or down based on mileage, rather than time.

It can also vary based on factors like where you run (paved vs. rough terrain, hot asphalt vs. shaded trails) or how minimal your shoes are. For example, lighter-weight shoes typically need replacing every 250 to 300 miles.

If you’ve hit the 300-mile mark and are ready for a new pair, we suggest you buy Adidas running shoes. Whether you’ve been running for months or years, Adidas has something to offer every style of runner.

Below, we highlight seven of the best running shoes by the brand available today. Keep reading, then lace up and hit the pavement (or your treadmill)!

1.Distance Lovers Love the Solarboost 3

If you frequently engage in long-distance runs (we’re looking at you, people with the 26.2 bumper stickers!), you might want to consider the fan-favorite, the Solarboost 3.

What makes it so great for distance training?

For one, it’s got stability features not found in the regular Boost and Ultraboost models. Still, the features don’t get in the way, allowing you a neutral shoe that’s stable in all directions. The outsole is one of these features—made for dampening vibrations, not your run times.

Additionally, the shoe’s rigidity lends itself to both walking and running, making it quite the dynamic pair.

2.Train Hard Wearing the SolarGlide 3

Another fantastic shoe for long-distance runners, as well as daily trainers, is the SolarGlide 3—a fantastic update on Adidas’s SolarGlide 19.

It’s also one of their more lightweight options, so be sure to follow the 250- to 300-mile replacement rule.

This trainer is ideal for high mileage, featuring a nice cushion with an updated upper. The heel is secure, matching the long toe box that adds to its stability ratings.

The famous Boost technology is used here, too—a padded cushion that’s situated in the heel of the shoe. This slightly stiff design is what makes it great for longer miles as well as recovery runs.

If you often run at quick paces or on trails sprinkled with tree limbs, you’ll appreciate the security the SolarGlide 3 offers.

3.Speedy Gonzalez Wears the Adizero Boston 9

We’re not saying this shoe will make you as fast as Usain Bolt (because let’s be honest, that’s impossible), but it’s perfectly designed for speedrunners everywhere.

The Adizero Boston 9 is a lightweight, responsive model built for speed. If you’re turned off by the idea of thick, stiff, or cushioned shoes, you’ll appreciate the minimalist design this pair offers. Even still, you’ll find the right balance of comfort and basic performance features.

In addition to speed, this shoe is also ideal for distance, tempo, marathon training. Its durability is unmatched, lasting you through long sessions in the sun, snow, or rain.

They also have a mesh upper, offering you breathability no matter the distance.

4.More Cushion for the Runnin’ in the Ultraboost 20s

If buying comfortable running shoes is a priority for you, it doesn’t get much better than the Ultraboost 20s.

Think of them like memory foam for your feet.

The shoes are aptly designed by Adidas to adjust to the shape of your foot, making them one of the most unique and comfortable pairs on the market. They’re incredibly responsive, so you’ll always feel at home as you slip into them before a 5k. As you run, they’ll continue to shapeshift, always staying one step ahead of you.

Even better, they come in all different color schemes—from the luxury-inspired, metallic Stella McCartney model (check it out here!) to the straightforward navy, olive, or crimson pairs.

5.The Alphabounce+ Is for Alphas Only

To create this shoe, Adidas conducted its fair share of research.

Using a technology called ARAMIS Digital Image Correlation System—which reviews stress and tension using high-speed, sensor-induced cameras—they were able to review invaluable insights into the human foot. That information allowed them to create something that keeps everything in mind, from the grip, comfort, and design to movement, stress points, materials, and more.

The Alphabounce+ is the result of such data collection.

This shoe is soft and smooth, lightweight and flexible, comfortable and strong. It’s one of their most secure fits yet, taking into account factors like durability, cushion, ventilation, and others. You’ll notice incredible traction on the pavement or the ground, as well as a grippiness that supports you.

Don’t fret—no Betas were harmed in the making of this model!

6.Keep It Budget-Friendly With the Runfalcon 2.0s

Finally, a pair of legitimate running shoes that’ll cost you under $100—typically sold for $60 or less!

Still, Adidas doesn’t compromise functionality to bring you the Runfalcon 2.0s. This running shoe is hailed as a wonderful option for both beginners and lifers.

Thanks to its sturdy sole, lightweight fit, and pace-keeping footing, you’ll be surprised it’s not sold for more. When you’re not running, you’re likely to consider them a go-to for their style alone—something not every running shoe can attest to.

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can With These Adidas Running Shoes

As you can see from this list, the household name Adidas does it all.

From comfortable and cushioned, to minimal and aerodynamic (and every style between), there’s guaranteed to be an option that matches your running needs. Whether you prefer long-distance marathons or shorter jogs around the neighborhood, Adidas running shoes are a worthy consideration.

Bonus: they’re an on-trend look, too!

Speaking of trends . . . If you want to stay updated on all the newest ones, we’ve got you covered. Head back to our homepage to stay in the know.

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