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8 Easy Ways of Lawn Maintenance

Who doesn’t like a beautiful and elegant lawn? It is always a pleasant view from your bedroom to look at your lawn/garden in the morning. You can improve the appearance of your lawn in many ways. Mowing, watering and putting a metal lawn edging are some of the basics you have to do to have a great lawn.

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8 Easy Ways of Lawn Maintenance

The maintenance of the lawn shows the care the owner has for his house and surroundings, and having a lawn for one’s home was a craze many years ago, and still, people find it necessary to have a lawn.

A great lawn needs excellent maintenance, and the beauty of your lawn depends on how much effort you put into the upkeep.

So, here are 8 easy ways to make your lawn look great:

  1. Weeding: Controlling the weeds does half the job. Weed growth is terrible for not the aesthetics of the lawn but for the soil as well. Weed makes the ground lose its nutrients, and the grass you’re planted for the lawn gets weakened. All weed needs to be removed with the roots as they start showing up.
  2. Rolling: It helps the grass anchor itself tightly and securely, and the levelling of the surface is perfect. Rolling is done in daylight; sandy soil is suitable for rolling. When the ground is wet/soaked, rolling is not a good idea. A variety of lawn rollers are available in the market to choose from.
  3. Sweeping:  A sweeping is necessary every morning, or your lawn will look not so good for the neighbours. A lawn sweeper is excellent equipment to clean all the leaves shedding from the trees and grass cut by the mower.
  4. Mowing: Mowing or pruning the grass is a vital part of lawn maintenance. The number of times you have to mow the lawn depends on the season and type of grass you have on your lawn. The grass looks good when it is shorter than 5 or 6 centimetres throughout the year. A lawnmower has to be a good one, as the precision of the cutting and levelling depends on the mower machine’s quality, which can affect the total view of the lawn.

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  1. Watering: One should be careful while watering, not too much or less than the required amount. A sprinkler is better than using a hose, as the right amount and timing are always appropriate when using an automated sprinkler system.
  2. Raking & scraping: The bottom part of an old lawn gets woody and matted with the formation of a crust layer. For such lawns, the grass gets scraped with a sickle. Raking is down during the fall season with the help of a rake. Rake not just removes the leaves but aerates the soil by loosening the old runners in the ground.
  3. Lawn edging: The edging is done as soon as you start the maintenance of the lawn as it is the border that separates the actual maintained area from the outer space. It helps in retaining the flowers, pebbles and gravels to the covered area. Edging helps make a clear border between the neighbour’s lawn if no fence is fixed and keeps the grass from growing towards the footpath, parking area, etc. Usually, people use wood and plastic for edging but setting up a metal lawn edging is the best way to keep it tight and clean.
  4. Dressing a lawn: After the scraping, compost, garden soil and manure in the appropriate proportion spread over the lawn. It is the final touch for making a great lawn.


There are many other ways you can make the lawn aesthetically appealing. You can do a makeover to the garden and colour the fences around your house. For significant changes in your lawn, a professional or a firm specialised in lawn maintenance is a great choice. Taking care of these things can prevent the lawn from looking dull and convert it to a partying or cookout spot.

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