A Guide to the Top 50 Excel Interview Questions

A Guide to the Top 50 Excel Interview Questions

Microsoft Excel is one of the best product from Microsoft office. It helps to prepare different types of spreadsheet or it is known as excel sheet. It is very much important in every organisation to work with it. It is very much helpful to every organisation to maintain their work at a great pace.

The digital technology is increasing day by day and the reason for the work done is very much essential to be completed in the perfect time. In the Microsoft Excel it allows to make different kinds of reports which helps to bring back the new things with the new technology and it is not much hectic as it was earlier at the time.

It is very much flexible and it can be done at any computer or laptop which is very much flexible to the candidate. The time of requirement in the paper and pen is very less than the other ones. As it is a digital form it can be shared through the e-mail, pdf format or sharing through any social media also. It is one of the best thing which can be done for free also. In the following the important excel interview questions to get through the following:

1) Explain MS excel in brief.

Ans: Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet or a excel sheet which is created through the computer or laptop application which allows the storage of data in the form of a table. Excel was developed by the team of Microsoft and they had included different types of function which had helped a lot to increase all the efficiency. It can be run in Windows, macOS, IOS and Android also.

The important features of MS Excel are in the following:

Availability of graphical tools.

Built-in-functions like SUM, DATE, DIVISION and etc.

It allows data analysis through different tables and charts which makes the understanding of table in the easiest manner as it is been displayed.

It allows the east data verification with no restriction.

2) What is the meaning of cells in an excel sheet?

Ans: The area which occurs at the intersection of a column and a row is called as a cell. As it has been officially declared by the Microsoft team that it is 1,048,576 x 16,384 cells present in a single excel sheet and user can use it but it has never gone upto this level of use.

3) Explain what is a spreadsheet?

Ans: Spreadsheet is a collection of different cells which manages the data of the different sector and it allows to the user to input in the Microsoft excel sheet. A single workbook is having lots of worksheet which is not quite possible to remember or count it.

4) What does the cell address means?

Ans: Cell address of any excel sheet is the address that is obtained by the combination of different rows and column alphabet. Each rows defines the work that to be present in the best way they can do.

5) Can any comments added to a cell?

Ans: Yes, the user can add comments to cells. To add the comments in any particular cell first click on the right then select the New comment section. The comments will be visible to the person whom the user have given the access. They can only check the comments and they don’t have any of the right to change it in any of the other form.

6) How to add new rows and columns to an Excel sheet?

Ans: Yes, the user can add the new rows and new columns to the excel sheet. To add the new row and new column first select the place where the user wants to place them then right click on it. Then select the insert option from where the user can select the whole row or column which he requires as he want.

7) What is Ribbon and where does it appear?

Ans: The Ribbon is basically the key interface to get the excel sheet and it will be appear in the top of the excel sheet. It allows the user to access many of the most important commands directly. It is consists of many new tabs and the tabs are like File, Home, Insert and etc. The user can customize it according to the requirement of it.

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