A Helpful CB Radio Buying Guide

A Helpful CB Radio Buying Guide

CB radio stands for Citizen’s Band radio. It’s a type of radio designed to get 40 channels in a 27MHz range. A mobile CB radio is utilised for both business and personal activities. You don’t need a licence to use it. Today, you can find mobile CB radios from several manufacturers online. But it’s wise to invest in the one that matches the vehicle you want to put it in and how you desire to use it. A mobile radio with a robust 5 Watt 12V UHF with remote mike is a great solution for businesses of varied sizes. Keep reading to know the various factors to consider while selecting a CB radio for yourself.

Find Models That Align with the Vehicle Where It Will Be Placed

The first factor to consider is the vehicle where you will be putting your CB radio. The type of vehicle governs your radio’s size to a significant extent. RVs and some pick-ups can accommodate full-sized CB radios easily. But for a car or a jeep, you should look for compact or midsize radio models. It’s because of the space constraints in these vehicles. The vehicle type also determines the speaker location on the CB radio and its compatibility with exterior speakers.

Look for Backlit Displays

You can make the task of radio operation at night a lot more convenient if you choose a CB radio with a backlit display. Backlighting allows drivers clear visibility of all the essential controls when driving in the dark or during rough weather conditions. They can thus make appropriate adjustments for better communication. A mobile radio with seven colours backlit LCD display gives them a choice to change display colours. This multicolour display lights up their drive. 

Look for Noise Reduction

Background noise makes the whole process of communicating through a CB radio close to impossible. That’s why you should always look for those CBs with built-in noise reduction functionalities. These features block the background noise, and you can communicate better. A noise blocking feature to look for is Automatic Noise Limiter or ANL. It filters the traffic and engine noise. Thus, enabling the user to listen and be heard clearly. The RF gain and squelch control assists in minimising noises like static sound output, which is a result of low-quality signal reception.

Look for Public Address or PA Capability

The primary aim of CB radios is to facilitate 2-way communication. It enables users to talk and listen. Each CB radio comes with a speaker and mike. But in emergencies, you may require a degree of crowd control. The functionality of amplifying your voice for better clarity also becomes quite helpful. It’s because usually, in emergencies, you may not be able to clearly broadcast your voice. It can seem challenging to communicate when the background noise is high. Thus, a CB radio with built-in PA capabilities enables you to overcome this issue related to background noise. These efficiencies facilitate clear communication in critical situations. 

Look for an In-Built SWR Meter

Before using the radio, you have to tune it. The tuning process can take quite some time and requires you to use an SWR meter. Here, you can find various CB models that need you to purchase a separate SWR meter. But you can eliminate this additional cost by looking for CBs with built-in SWR meters. This functionality significantly brings down the set-up time. 

A CB radio is not only affordable, but it’s also a functional communication device. Consider the above factors so that the process of buying one becomes easier for you. When you have the right CB with you, you’ll find it as effective as a modern smartphone.

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