Activewear: Better and Sustainable Exercise 

Activewear: Better and Sustainable Exercise 

Physical activity or exercise has and always will be one of the main requirements to lead a healthy life with a strong body and mind. While it can be hard to fit exercise in otherwise busy and occupied lives, it is completely necessary to find ways to do that.

Activewear can play an integral part in not just including but make a person look forward to kickstarting that workout that could otherwise feel dreadful and exhausting. A few pieces of men’s activewear include track pants, leggings, cycling knicks, vests, sleeveless, t-shirts, etc., and women’s activewear include sports bra, leggings, biker shorts, sleeveless, more or less similar to that of men. 

Activewear: Better and Sustainable Exercise

Physical workouts are of many types: cardio, strength training, weight lifting, pilates, yoga, etc. The most common type of workout that many people choose is cardio, for its increased ability in burning extra fat a lot quicker than most strength-based workouts.

Walking, running, and cycling are the most loved cardio routines among others for the outdoor scope that it comes with, in addition to it being doable in treadmills and ellipticals at the gym or at one’s own house. 

Cycling is one of the top five cardio workouts that are most preferred by people aiming to achieve quick weight loss. While a calorie deficit is the most used method for losing weight in a sustainable manner, including cycling in the workout routines, it has successfully made people reach their dream weight sooner than they thought they would. How was that possible? Cycling, when done at the maximum speed, can burn about 1150 calories per hour and most people’s calorie consumption per day is less than 2000.

So they end up burning half of what they eat, making it easier to burn the rest through other forms of workout. While this calorie burn is more inclined towards fixed ellipticals at the gym where one could give maximum threshold without having to bother about his surroundings, outdoor cycling is the best way to keep your mind fresh with the addition of good exercise.

Better and Sustainable Exercise

Having mentioned how cycling could be the perfect choice to stay fit and healthy, in order to do it properly, one needs to know about the essential gear. The cycle, or the bike as some people would call it, needs to be of great quality with sustainable tyres that support most road conditions. In addition to the quality of the cycle one invests in, one will need a helmet, knee pads, gloves, cycling goggles, shoes, spare tube, water bottle to stay hydrated, flashlight and most important of all – proper activewear. 

These accessories all come in handy for longer periods of cycling. But activewear is the most important as it supports the body to be able to bear the difficulties that may come with cycling. The road might be a little bumpy, or the seat in the cycle could be a bit small for some of them; this is where biking shorts and men’s cycling knicks do their magic. With extra padding at the right places, tight-fitting, well-placed seams and comfortable, flexible material (made out of materials like lycra, spandex, nylon or polyester) enable a range of motion like no other regular shorts could give. A tight-fitting knick could feel weird at first, but once one adjusts to wearing it in public, he/she realizes the role it plays in preventing the soreness from a long saddle and really allows the person to not hold back from going all-in every time one gets on the road. 

Someone who doesn’t care about the clothes he/she wears will probably feel discomfort and body aches and slowly start to dread doing the activity no matter how motivated they are to lose that weight and achieve their goals. That being said, it is understandable that activewear is not fancy apparel but essentiality.  

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