African Grocery Products in Australia

African Grocery Products in Australia

Nearly 281 million of the world’s population live outside their country as immigrants. Millions of people from other countries have moved to Australia, and it is a safe country with numerous job opportunities. Around 400,000 people of African origin live in Australia. The laid back and friendly life in Australia with a lot of structure and self-discipline attracts Africans. Africans enjoy eating their unique food and try to find the African staples in the places where they live. An African grocery store in Australia is a one-stop-shop for everything for Africans who live outside their country and crave their favourite African groceries.

African Grocery Products in Australia

African Shea Butter

The African shea butter is 100% natural, and it has excellent skin and hair benefits. It makes the skin smooth, keeps the wrinkles away, protects the skin from UV rays and treats acne. This natural organic shea butter is found only in these grocery stores.

Citrus Fruits

The climate of Africa is best suited for citrus fruits. Even though these fruits are grown globally, the quality and taste are not the same as those produced in Africa. Some fruits like Ditakh are found only in Africa, and now they are available in the grocery stores selling African products.


African spices are known for their rich flavour and variety. Grocery stores in Africa have spices like Dawa Dawa, barbeque spice and Cameroon pepper. The herbs are of excellent quality, and their taste is authentic. 

Melon Seeds (Egusi)

Egusi is a popular food ingredient in Africa. Egusi seeds are from the egusi gourd, which is similar to watermelon, and its seeds are smaller than pumpkin seeds. The protein-rich seed is dried and ground to a powder. It has a creamy flavour and is used to make soups. 


Fufu is a white fermented powder made from starchy vegetables like cassava, yam, corn and plantain. The vegetables are pounded well and dried to get the fufu powder. The powder is rich in carbohydrates and is a good source of dietary fibre. It is used for thickening soups and frying meat and fish.

Cassava Flour (Garri)

Garri is cassava processed into grains or flakes. There are many ways to eat garri. It is mixed with water, milk and sugar and consumed, or the flour is made into a dough and cooked.

Dry Okra

Okra is dried well, and it is used in cooking various dishes. Dried okra is also available as a powder and used while making soups.


Biltong is dried meat, and it can be fish, poultry, beef or game meats. The meat is immersed in vinegar, herbs and spices and air-cured. It has fewer preservatives and fewer artificial flavours than beef jerky.


Droewors are dry and thin sausages. It is a popular traditional snack food high in protein, and they are grilled, roasted or fried before eating.

Flavours from Africa are getting into the mainstream menu in Australian restaurants. The similarity between African and Australian food is that both are rich in carbohydrates and starch. Australia has provided a happy and new life to migrants from Africa, but they can not forget the flavours of their home country. The African grocery store meets the needs of these people by providing them with products from their homeland. Moreover, many Australians visit the store to enjoy the rich flavours of Africa.

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