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Childhood Education – Importance and Benefits

Early childhood education is the beginning of the academic career for children. All people involved at this stage are highly influential in teaching the kids. Many people believe that formal education is not that beneficial when introduced at such an early stage. Research shows that any kind of education can benefit a child. Current education systems for young kids are mostly a mix of both formal and informal. There are also many avenues for educating a child, right from kids learning programs to established educational institutions.

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With the number of options and opinions available today, it is easy for new parents to get confused. There are many ways of starting to teach children. The most common and easy method is for the parents to start teaching them the basics like numerals and alphabets. This is not completely necessary. Starting to learn at kindergarten is also a valid method.

Pre-Kindergarten Education

There are different opinions about pre-kindergarten education. While there are various kids learning programs, formal educational programs that prepare the children before they start kindergarten have been greeted with mixed responses. Research has shown that such courses benefit children. The kids enrolled in these programs were shown to have better IQ scores in kindergarten. They were also well behaved and caught on to new concepts much quicker than their peers.

Those against such educational programs argue that such benefits last only till the 3rd grade or so. Even though kids from pre-kindergarten programs may outperform their peers for a while, they reach the same level by this time. This makes it pointless for parents to enrol their children in such programs. Parents who spend more time and effort on their children can also educate them. The child will receive the same benefits as pre-kindergarten education if they are taught by their parents. This also means that parents can make use of creative ways to engage and educate the child. This can further benefit the child as parents could cater to their unique interests. Moreover, pre-kindergarten programs may not be affordable for all people.

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Ideal Educational Environments

Even though learning is very beneficial, children are not meant to spend all their time doing it. Childhood education specialists have found that young children learn better when they are not pushed too hard. They should be encouraged to learn but should also be given adequate time for playing around. Interaction with their peers also helps them learn a lot. It shows them how other kids function and learn. Moreover, socialising and making friends is very important at this stage.

The teachers and parents also play a very important role. They should be supportive of the child and should always be constructive in their teaching. Large classrooms with lots of children are also not recommended as the child would not receive much attention. Working hours should be reduced as much as possible as young children learn better when they’re taught small portions. It is also not good to separate the child from their parents for too long.

Importance & Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Research has shown that a child starts their mental development immediately after birth and becomes capable of learning at around 3 years. This means that they should be taught by their parents before kindergarten. This is often neglected causing the child to face issues like reduced attention span in the future. Education is very important and imparting knowledge properly can allow the building of a harmonious society.

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