Faux Fur Coat or Real Fur Coat?

 Faux Fur Coat or Real Fur Coat?

Faux fur is nothing but fake fur designed to give you the feel and sophistication of real fur but more animal and environment friendly.


Faux fur is most commonly found as a knitted, synthetic fabric made from a blend of acrylic and polyester fibres. Note its construction can vary, though, as faux fur can be made by other techniques such as weaving or tufting and can be infused with other materials like wool or cotton. 

Faux Fur Coat or Real Fur Coat?

Whereas real fur is made of animals. Common animal sources for fur clothing and fur trimmed accessories include fox, rabbit, mink, raccoon dogs, muskrat, beaver, stoat (ermine), otter, sable, seals, cats, dogs, coyotes, wolves, chinchilla, opossum and common brushtail possum. Some of these are more highly prized than others, and there are many grades and colours.

 Why go with faux fur?

Faux fur coat are on-trend and so being cruelty-free is. Also despite being on the trend, faux fur coats are more comfortable and are at a lower cost than real fur. A decade ago, the faux fur did not do well because it was not real fur and hence missed the glam touch. But today the world is very well awakened and so is the fashion industry. Considering the green promotions, designers are all for it now. The awareness about the cruelty-free world and environmental care is very widespread, thanks to the internet! So all over the world, every designer has adopted the most environmental options so have the customers. Also, the real fur goes through many chemical procedures to get the end product and hence that’s very harmful to the earth.

Thinking about the millions of animals killed for the piece of clothing that is luxury to us is not right. Hence putting together all these pieces we now know that real fur is not something to be even considered. Faux fur on the other hand is more in the affordable range and it’s now available from all the designers, small to big. You can buy and collect as many coats as you want without any guilt. Aren’t these reasons more than enough to stick to the faux fur coats? No? Let us go through more pros of faux fur coats.

The most important factor about faux fur coats is that they need no special maintenance like real fur. It can regularly be cleaned and kept in sunlight for breathability. Also, the quality of the faux fur remains constant with time. it doesn’t look much different from the real fur. Faux fur is extremely easy to store since it does not require any special conditions it needs to be kept in. unlike fur that is high-maintenance with its storage needs.

It is a must-have in everyone’s closet. Any simple costume can be hyped up with the fur coat. Faux fur coats have the advantage of customizing them according to one’s taste. There are so many options available in the market. However, it is understandable that faux fur (as ethical as it may be) is not entirely environmentally sustainable.

There are a few designers who are combating this in a few ways! This is primarily done by working through the development of sustainable fibres in the production of Faux fur. This ranges from hemp to PET fibres. They start by recycling fabric into new products from scraps. As we all know, there is a lot of waste generated from the fashion industry and these designers make sure to reduce it.

Hope you get your hands on the super cool faux fur coat of yours and keep the environment safe!

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