Have Fun Investing With These Tips

Have Fun Investing With These Tips

Making your investment strategy fun might sound counterintuitive, since many investors and traders look at their portfolios and only see something serious. Investing doesn’t have to be all numbers and dour attitudes, though. The market movements that occur on a daily basis and the growth that you can achieve as a result of this constant shifting can be the source of great enjoyment for an investor with a strong approach to the marketplace and an understanding of how these asset classes work on a broad scale.

With these investing tips, infusing your approach to the markets with a new measure of enjoyment can be the start of something truly rewarding.

Consider fast moving elements for greater momentum.


Cryptocurrency is a somewhat new entrant to the investment space. Yet the crypto marketplace is absolutely booming with cryptocurrency miners, traders, and long hold investors getting in on the action at both retail and institutional levels. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Litecoin (LTC) are making waves in the marketplace and millions of us are taking notice—more than 46 million Americans now own Bitcoin as a cash asset or as a part of their investment strategy.

Approaching the best Litecoin exchange for your holdings isn’t as simple as it might seem though. Assets like Litecoin are traded around the clock, and the price point that Litecoin and other cryptocurrency assets trade at are often fast moving targets that can be hard to make sense of in the early days. Crypto exchanges like Coinbase (and Coinbase Pro), Binance, Gemini, and Kraken all provide their users with great plugins and support for Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Finding the best exchange rates that are right for you and your needs means exploring the available options with in-depth analysis. Selecting the platform that offers the best blend of low fees, research, and user experience when it comes to trading your Litecoin and other holdings on the market is a personal decision that you shouldn’t take lightly.

Invest in growth stocks for a more traditional feel.


Growth stocks are a common sight in many portfolios in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere. Alamos Gold is one great option when it comes to miners in the physical world around us—much like the use of digital miners in the cryptocurrency space.

Alamos Gold Inc. (NYSE:AGI) is a Canadian gold mining company with continuous operations in Northern Ontario (at the Young-Davidson Mine and Island Gold Mine), and Mexico (at the Mulatos Mine). In addition to these perennial producers, Alamos is working through exploration projects in the United States and the Republic of Turkey, particularly at Kirazli (Search: “Alamos Gold, Turkey” for detailed research on these exciting projects). Alamos is at the forefront of exploration and extraction processes as well. With a retreat from the use of cyanide and other chemical agents in the extraction process required to mine hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold each year, Alamos is paving the way to a greener future.

The infamously non-environmentally conscious realm of mining and industrial production has been turned on its head by the example set by Alamos. Not only is the firm eliminating cyanide and other dangerous processes from the extraction model, they are also utilizing clean energy sources at mines across North America (with the Mulatos site serving as a template for all that can be accomplished in this space). Investing in a firm like Alamos can give you the enjoyment that only comes through socially responsible investing (SRI) investing opportunities.

Making investing fun is all about bringing in new and exciting opportunities that can help the world around you and boost your wealth at the same time.

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