How Long Will it Take to Pursue a Degree in Animation-VFX?

How Long Will it Take to Pursue a Degree in Animation-VFX?

What’s one thing that’s common in The Lion King, Ratatouille, Toy Story, and Pinocchio? Yes, they’re extremely popular among kids and adults alike but also that they’re some of the best-animated movies that ever were! Had the power of animation never dawned upon the world, we would not get to have such emotionally gripping visual content.

How Long Will it Take to Pursue a Degree in Animation-VFX?

Perhaps you’re aware of how this animation is currently changing the brand marketing landscape as well. And if you want to join the team of successful animation specialists, start out by pursuing a relevant formal course. How long will it take, and what can you do after? Let’s find out. 

Animation VFX course period

If you’re certain that animation is your thing, then the sooner you start, the better. In most high-ranking colleges, the UG program for Animation VFX extends up to four years. Through this program, you get thorough theoretical, technical, and even business knowledge to make a successful career in the field of animation. 

However, if you wish to pursue your animation studies further, you can enrol for a post-graduate degree in the field. The Master’s program usually has a course duration of two years. 

What you learn throughout the course duration 

If you pursue an animation VFX course from an internationally-acclaimed institution such as the Pearl Academy, you are taught via a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of topics which include –

  • Natural and build environment 
  • Culture, history, and narratives 
  • Immersion lab work 
  • Designing basics 
  • Digital and analogue tools 
  • 3D modelling 
  • Storytelling and script writing 
  • Character design and development 
  • Professional ethics 
  • Design management, and more! 

Since a major part of the learning process will be carried out in an animation lab, you will have hands-on experience of working in real-world scenarios, thereby making you career-ready. 

Plenty of career options open up for you once you’re done with formal education 

Whether you choose to opt for the UG degree only or proceed further to a post-graduate program, a formal course in Animation VFX will open up a number of rewarding career options for you, including that of a –

  • Multimedia specialist 

With the help of computers, configuration management software, development environment software, program testing software, and database management software, multimedia specialists work on creating multimedia applications that can be delivered on platforms like smartphones, gaming devices, televisions, and personal computers. 

You can even work as a freelancer in this field or join companies that offer flexible work timings because plenty of them do. 

  • Video editor 

Suppose you’re given raw footage files that contain multiple takes on a particular scene. Would you be able to identify the relevant from the irrelevant ones and put together a single video that perfectly conveys the message? If yes, then a video editor may be the right career option for you! Your job will also involve choosing basic animations, dialogues, ambient audio, and music to produce an engaging and meaningful final product. 

  • Rotoscoping artist 

This is perhaps a unique career option. As they are often called, Roto artists use motion-tracking and onion-skinning software to cut out images from live-action frames to be reinserted to interact with live images via special effects. The sketches can be hand-drawn or computer-generated. Rotoscoping artists are responsible for maintaining consistency of visuals and style throughout the production. 

Want to enter the animation and VFX industry? Start building your career the right way by studying Pearl Academy’s animation VFX course in Bangalore. Via in-class theories and rigorous practical training, you will learn about the latest developments in the field, 2D and 3D graphics, modelling and simulation, and more! 

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