How to Apply for a Job Online: Your Questions Answered

Did you know that very few Americans are happy with their current job position? In fact, only 7% of Americans say that they have their dream job.

If you feel stuck in your current position, you don’t have to keep settling. Start fresh by learning how to apply for a job online.

Our guide details everything you need to know so keep reading to learn more.

Update Your Resume

The first step to how to apply for a job online is to update your resume and understand what a cover letter is. Your resume should be up to date with your current contact information and full employment history.

Improving your resume for a specific job you want to land is important. There are free templates online you can use if you need to start from scratch.

Use Job Search Engines

If you haven’t already found the job you want to apply for online, use job search engines. This is also beneficial if you want to apply for multiple job postings with different companies.

A lot of businesses post their open positions on these websites. Perform a thorough search by using position, salary, and location filters.

If you have a specific organization in mind, check their website to see their current career openings.

Draft Cover Letters

When applying to multiple jobs, it’s important to draft separate cover letters for each application. You can use the same resume, but cover letters are meant to be tailored to a business.

This is where you can address and highlight skills and achievements that correlate to the job description. Give examples of how you helped former employers with similar requirements.

A cover letter should be focused and to the point to retain the recruiter’s interest.

Complete the Online Job Application

Online job applications are all pretty similar especially if you apply through a job listing website.

However, you might need to rewrite what’s already in your resume through questions that companies have. One of the best tips for online job applications is to have a document filled with answers to common questions.

When using a job site, you’ll need to register with websites to create an account. After creating an account, upload your resume for job applications by attaching it as a file.

Some websites will automatically enter work history details from your resume into an application when you have it uploaded. If this is the case, always review the details.

How to Apply for a Job Online Explained

Knowing how to apply for a job online is pretty simple. Once you have a resume created, you can join a job board website that posts new positions that match your needs.

Draft cover letters for each job application to tell a company how you can fit into a specific role. Lastly, complete the job application and check for any errors you might have made before hitting submit.

Get your resume out there and don’t forget to come back for more blogs like this!

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