How to get PRINCE2 Certification?

How to get PRINCE2 Certification?

Project Management is one of the fastest-growing aspects of business management. This extends to the digital world as well, with more and more technological aides coming in to streamline the process of handling and executing projects. As global businesses keep expanding, the need for more and more project managers rises. To fill in this demand, individuals who have experience with PRINCE2 are some of the best candidates out there.

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is a project management framework that defines a structured method of how to go about a project. The main concept of PRINCE2 is to divide the work into bite-sized stages so that you can micromanage each part of the process. The PRINCE2 framework operates on the basis of six aspects called tolerances or performance goals.

  1. Scope: How much the project is limited to. This is to ensure that you do not do more than what is needed and waste resources.
  2. Timescale: Defining the period of time across which the project is going to be spread.
  3. Risk: Taking risk management and approach and assessing the possible dangers or risks to the project.
  4. Quality: Determining a standardized quality of output that the project should produce.
  5. Benefits: What benefits does the particular product provide over its competitors?
  6. Cost: Setting a maximum cost limit is crucial for cost management and maintaining profitability.

Further, the framework also has seven fixed principles that have to be followed no matter what.

  • Continued Business Justification
  • Learning from Experience
  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities
  • Managing by Stages
  • Managing by Exceptions
  • Focus on Products
  • Tailor to suit the individual project environments

PRINCE2 is a scalable framework that can be applied to any level of business activity, which is also why it has become so popular and widely accepted as the standard for project management.

How to get PRINCE2 Certification:

In order to get PRINCE2 Certification, you need to complete a PRINCE2 Practioner Course so that you get well acquainted with the system. The first step is to get enrolled in a certified PRINCE2 training course. The Foundation and Practioner Course together are a 32-hour training session. After completing the training course, you need to appear for the examination to receive your certificate.

After scheduling your certification exam you have to give the Foundation exam first. It is an online test of 60 minutes and you need to correctly answer at least 55% of the questions in order to pass. This is followed by the Practioner exam that is a 150-minute online exam. Here too, you have to score a minimum of 55% in order to pass. Finally, after the tests, you can download your certificate and complete your PRINCE2 Practioner Course.

There are no prerequisites to appear for the Foundation exam, however, you can only give the PRINCE2 Practioner exam if you have completed the Foundation exam first.

By completing your PRINCE2 training and becoming a Practioner you open up a whole world of opportunities for yourself in the industry of project management.

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