How to Sew Patches on Leather That Don’t Fall Off

 The leather goods market is growing, with the industry set to be worth $624.08 billion by 2028. Many types of leather are considered to be tough, offering value for money as they could last for many years. However, sometimes leather can become damaged, and you may need to carry out repairs.

But do you know how to sew patches on leather so that they don’t fall off? The last thing you want is to fix your leather item only to have the patch come loose again shortly afterward.

Fortunately, there are some straightforward leather sewing techniques you can use to achieve great results and keep your leather goods in excellent condition.

Keep reading to find out how.

Sew Patches on Leather by Hand

To make the patch sewing process as easy as possible it can help to place a piece of double-sided sticky tape between your patch and your garment to hold the material in place. You need to remember to remove the tape before you finish your stitchwork. Alternatively, you could use an adhesive spray.

Take your leather needle and attach a thread that is the same color as the outside of your patch. It’s best to use nylon or polyester thread as your leather can cause a cotton thread to deteriorate over time.

Start by pushing the needle through both your leather item and patch, before coming back down on one side of the patch and back through the leather. Keep stitching this way until the patch is attached and cut the thread to finish.

While you can use many different patches, you can design your own tactical patches to add a custom look to your clothing or other leather items.

Using a Sewing Machine

While a standard sewing machine will not be powerful enough for sewing patches on your leather goods, a heavy-duty machine should be capable. Use a sturdy needle, place your patch in the right location, and begin sewing at one of the corners.

When you reach each corner, rotate the vest to continue stitching on round to the next corner. When you’ve reached the start again, slightly overlap the stitches to secure the patch in place.

Remove your garment from the sewing machine and cut the thread neatly for a tidy finish that won’t be obvious without a closer look.

Sew Long Lasting Patches on Your Leather Goods

Now that you know how to sew patches on leather, you can keep your luxury products in top condition for longer. If you are sewing patches by hand it can be helpful to use tape or adhesive spray to keep your patch steady and to use long-lasting thread that won’t degrade. If using a machine, you’ll need to ensure it is powerful enough to complete the job and understand how to rotate clothing when stitching.

Remember to keep a supply of patches in your cupboard for the next time you need to repair your leather goods!

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