How to Stay Safe When Buying SARMs Online

Did you know that the effort to develop SARMS dates back to the 1940s? If you are considering buying SARMS online, you want to be cautious because when you purchase products on the World Wide Web you are always taking a small risk. We have put together this guide to share our top tips on how to stay safe online when you purchase SARMs on a retailers’ website.

Read on to learn our buying tips before you spend your hard-earned money buying online products.

Investigate the Website

One of the first things you want to do before you buy SARMS online is to do a little investigating. Take a look around the site, looking for accreditations and certification stamps on the website. Also, look out for grammar mistakes or any misspellings of supplements.

Small spelling errors or grammatical mistakes can be a sign that the website is being run overseas and that can increase the chances that the retailer isn’t legitimate, and you can end up buying a fake supplement. To take it a step further when you are investigating the website look up the company in the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints of customers not receiving their orders or receiving fake products.

Is the Website Secure?

Something else you want to do is check if the website is secure. To the left of the URL in the top bar, there will be a small lock. If you see it there, then the website is locked and secured, ensuring the information you input into the website is secure.

If you are ever on a website that does not show that small lock in the URL bar, it is best to go to another site where the owners have taken the extra steps to ensure their website is secure.

Read the Labels

Another way to stay safe is to review the labels on the products. Do a search on the supplement you are looking to buy from the website and compare the ingredient list for the product to the ingredient list on the website you are considering buying from.

A major indication that the product isn’t real is if you notice any additional ingredients, fillers, or chemicals. If you do see this, avoid the product because it is more than likely not a real product.

In the event that you do not see any labels on the site you are planning on purchasing from, then this is a red flag as well. No labels is a good indicator that there is something they don’t want you to see.

Read Online Reviews

Thanks to the internet, you can now see what others are saying about the company. You can do a search for the name of the company to see if anyone has left online reviews. Also, browse their website to see if they have their customers reviews right on their site.

Browse through any social media channels they have for reviews. If there are any negative reviews, check to see if the company ignored those reviews or took the time to answer. A company that isn’t afraid to answer a negative review is a good sign, especially if their answer sounds authentic and like they care.

Do Not Buy Solely Based on Price

Never fall for cheap prices because unfortunately, some manufacturers will cut corners when they are creating their product in order to offer lower prices. Because these are supplements, you have to be very careful with what you intake. Sometimes you can end up buying products with unapproved substances in them or products with no SARMs in it.

Usually, genuine SARMs are not cheap. The last thing you want to do it take something that you believe to be SARMs, and it makes you sick or simply doesn’t work at all because it doesn’t have any active ingredients.

Third-Party Results

A legit company will go the extra mile to give you peace of mind with having their products tested by third party independent labs. These companies will pay for these lab tests and have the results listed on their website for all to view.

In some cases, the third party lab will also post the lab results on their own website for extra verification. Take your time to look for retailers that offer these tests because they will confirm that the active ingredients found in the product are present and the correct potency.

Be Wary of Certain Claims

You also want to keep an eye out for any unsubstantiated claims that the company has on their site. Do not forget that SARMs are still under research at the moment. This means that if the retailer is making a claim on their website about their product regarding its therapeutic potentials, you want to make sure that this is backed up by research.


Another way to stay safe online is to see if the seller is insured. Although being insured is not a guarantee that they are legit or that the quality of the SARM is high, this can be a sign that they sell good products.

When a company does not insure their product, then people end up suffering more in the event of any damage. When a company has a good insurance company, they tend to offer warranties for the buyer to give them peace of mind. The insurance company will fully protect the seller in the event that something goes wrong or someone has a reaction.

Operating License

Since it is easy to write on a website that you have top-notch products, you want to see if they are saying the truth or bluffing. Take the time to see if the company has the correct licenses to sell SARMs to ensure you are not buying fake supplements or low-quality products.

A supplier that has a legitimate operating license is trustworthy. A lawful operating license would never be given to someone that is selling products that are not meeting the minimum requirements.


You want to make a purchase from a reliable SARMs vendor that will not suddenly disappear tomorrow. You want a vendor that will be there a few months down the road in case something goes wrong, and you need extra help. When you are taking SARMs supplements, you always run the risk of dealing with side effects some time after you begin using it vs having side effects right away.

Check how long they have been in business. The longer they have been around, the higher the chances that they are legit and have good quality products. Companies with tenure means that they won’t disappear into thin air out of nowhere.

Customer Service

When you buy SARMs online, see if there is a way to contact the company and ask any questions you might have. If you have the option to talk to someone, call in and see how they treat you as a potential customer.

Their customer service should be able to confidently answer any questions you have. A great retailer will even go the extra mile to give you guidance on how to use the SARM product you buy from them and give you more essential information than you find on their site.

Be wary of a company that doesn’t have a physical person you can speak with. This could be a sign that they are doing something shady or are selling from overseas where they are not getting legit products to sell.

Staying Safe When Using SARMs

Once you choose an online vendor to purchase your SARMs from following the tips above, you want to stay as safe as possible when you begin taking the product. If you decide to stack SARMs (combine different types of SARMs) the amount that you take matters. When you stack the product, you need to adjust the dosage so that you don’t accidentally take too high of a dose.

You also want to be careful when you stack on the type of SARMs you combine. Depending on what your goals are, there are certain combinations that will work best. For example, if you want to bulk vs cut up, then you will need to stack your SARMs supplements differently.

Whenever you take any new supplement, you need to pay attention to your health and your body. Take note of how you feel before you begin, and pay attention to any changes you notice. You can go the extra mile and do a testosterone test before you begin taking your SARMs and after you are done with your first round.

This test will show you how your testosterone levels were impacted by the SARMs cycle you took.

Different Forms of SARMs

It is good to be aware of the different types of SARMs to ensure you choose the best option for you. The three most common forms include capsules, liquid, and powder. Normally SARMs start out in powder form, and then they are turned into liquid or capsules.

The most common way that people consume SARMs is via liquid. This is a much easier way to measure how much you take and if you store it properly it will last longer. In liquid form, you can opt to take it orally or intravenously for faster results.

For those that would rather not measure out the amount they need to take, then capsules are a good form option. Pay attention to the dosage you are taking when you opt for capsule form. Keep in mind that it is easier to find companies that sell SARMs in liquid rather than capsule, so you might have to do a little more digging if you prefer capsules.

Are SARMs Steroids?

Some people use the terms steroids and SARMs interchangeably, but it is important to know that there are differences between both. They each affect the body in different ways.

Steroids have a huge impact in how the body processes nutrients and carries out other biological functions. This is because steroids are powerful hormones.

SARMs, on the other hand, are man made compounds that target a specific area of the body. Usually, these areas are bone tissue or muscle.

This difference means that while SARMs are more narrowly targeted and focused on a specific area, steroids can produce major physiological changes throughout the entire body. A substance is considered a steroid depending on how it interacts with the body and also the composition.

What Do SARMs Do?

Scientists discovered that the compounds in SARMs are able to bind to the androgen receptors in human cells. When they bind it allows them to produce similar effects that anabolic steroids such as testosterone produce.

You can opt to buy SARMs that will target muscles that lead to more strength and faster muscle growth. Or, you can buy SARMs that allow your body to retain more nitrogen than usual while they reduce the production of a protein called myostatin, that inhibits muscle growth.

Depending on your goals, you can choose the best SARMs to meet those needs.

Ready to Stay Safe Online?

Now that you have learned how to stay safe online when you are buying SARMs you can take the proper steps to make sure you buy a product that is legit and from a reputable retailer. Unfortunately, because not every internet retailer is trustworthy, you want to take the time to do your due diligence.

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