How Video Ads Can Boost Your Crowdfunding

How Video Ads Can Boost Your Crowdfunding

Sharing ideas has grown much easier in this digital world. And with that, gaining donations and funding on projects or ventures has also become quite simple. Videos are among the most liked forms of media online. And they are being used as an important tool in crowdfunding campaigns. Moreover, videos have been proven to be significantly helpful in boosting marketing and ad campaigns.

With various promo video templates offered in an online video editor like the Promo Editor, making such videos is now just a matter of a few clicks. Let’s take a look at how video ads can help you in crowdfunding and how you can do it too.

How can video ads help to crowdfund better?

According to a study, crowdfunding campaigns with videos received 105% more funding than those without ones. This shows how valuable videos are in today’s crowdfunding projects.

One reason for video popularity is their visual factor, which makes it easier to understand the creator’s goals and vision. Another positive aspect is that you can clearly show and explain your product or idea with the help of video. This increases the understandability of the viewers, as well as the credibility of the creator.

Furthermore, you can choose a target audience for your crowdfunding video ads to gain their attention. And you only have to pay for ads that people watch for more than 30 seconds or click through to visit your website.

Crowdfunding videos are a cost-effective strategy to connect with people who resonate with your idea and can help you achieve your goal too. If your project has something relevant to their interest, they are more likely to donate to the cause.

For this reason, many online video editor tools have also started offering templates to help create crowdfunding videos easily.

How can you use YouTube for crowdfunding?

Youtube ads are commonly used for crowdfunding videos. It can help you get closer to people who will invest in your project or support you in some way. One of the best things about online ads is that you can control who can view them and at what times.

You can select a target market based on their social media activity. Or else, you can narrow down the target market using their demographic information like age, gender, language, and interests, etc.

Moreover, you can also show these Youtube ads on other platforms that are commonly used by your target market. This way, you can customize the conversions and people who interact with the ads. In addition to effective marketing, the statistics provided by the platform can also help you create better crowdfunding campaigns in the future.

How to make an effective crowdfunding video

1.Write a creative plan

Assign roles to team members and choose who will be directing the video. Brainstorm all possible ideas; what connects you to the viewers and the video you’re about to shoot, what you want to show and how you will achieve it, etc.

The main purpose of creative planning is to come up with an idea for your crowdfunding video that will keep the viewers hooked. You think about how tasks are going to be done from the start till the end.

2.Decide the video’s length

Many people jump directly to writing the story once the creative plan is complete. However, it is better to finalize the video’s length first. This will help you write a better story and also cover all useful points in the decided video length.

In the case of online videos, shorter is always better. Ideally, crowdfunding videos are somewhere between 3-3.5 minutes long. So use this time to tell the viewers all about the project, what you want to achieve, how it’ll benefit them and everything else, etc.

3.Write the story and script

Once the length is decided, the next step is to write a powerful and catchy script. Roughly, you can cover around 500 words (including pauses) in a 3-minute video. So use these words wisely.

The main idea is to share enough details that the viewers want to learn more about the project. However, don’t overshare, else the viewers will lose interest.

Many people follow the AIDCA marketing techniques to break their scripts into chunks. This technique uses Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction, and Action in the script.

4.Create a storyboard

Once the script is complete, the next step is to create a storyboard to bring your vision to life. A storyboard can give a clear idea of how you want the final result to look like. You can use online tools to storyboard your script or even draw the shots by hand.

Each shot usually takes 3 to 6 seconds on the screen and covers 15 words of the script. Storyboarding can also help you point out the pointless shots or words, hence making the script even better.

5.Record and edit the video

Shooting videos has become quite easy with the latest equipment and high-quality phone cameras. The main thing to consider while shooting is to create quality footage with clear audio that is understandable to the audience.

After recording the video, the next step is to combine and edit the shots. The storyboard can help in this process to guide you on how long each shot should be and how it must be edited. There are many programs that can be used for this purpose. Or you can even work on an online video editor.

The main idea is to create a professional video that follows the storyboard ideas.

6.Share online

Once you complete the video, the final step is to share it with the world. Upload it to your website, social media and send it via emails. You can also share it directly from the online video editor you’re using.

The main goal is to grab as much attention as you can. After all, that’s exactly the purpose of your crowdfunding video. A well-executed video with a meaningful message will surely gain viewers’ attention, hence leading to more donations.

Parting Words

No matter what crowdfunding platform you choose, it is important to keep some basic tips in mind. A touching story, professional-looking video, and meaningful project idea can really boost your crowdfunding campaign.

With an online video editor like the Promo Editor, editing your crowdfunding videos has now become quite straightforward. You don’t have to spend any money on either shooting or editing the video. So what’s stopping you now? Start working on your video ads and see how they boost your crowdfunding campaigns.

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