Is It Possible To Clear The CLAT Exam In 6 Months?

Is It Possible To Clear The CLAT Exam In 6 Months?

The Common Law Admission Test or the CLAT is a national law entrance exam. It is the primary criteria for admission to the national law universities. The CLAT exam is conducted at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for admission into the country’s law schools.

There is immense competition for the CLAT Exam. as it evaluates candidates all across the country. Consequently, the exam is known to be one of the toughest exams in the country, with an acceptance rate of approximately 1%. Therefore, the candidates must prepare for the exam thoroughly. We have shared some of the best tips that will help you to crack CLAT in 6 months.

Tips to Qualify CLAT Exam in 6 Months

Since the CLAT Exam is challenging, candidates must try to clear it. Thus, preparation requires a sufficient amount. Candidates can clear the CLAT 2022 Exam in 6 months.

Planning the preparation process

The first step for preparing any exam is knowing the syllabus thoroughly and planning. Without knowing the syllabus in detail, there is no way the candidate can kick start their preparation for CLAT Exams. They can also divide the extensive syllabus into different sections to make their preparation process more manageable.

Setting small goals

Since six months is not sufficient for thoroughly preparing for the CLAT Exam, candidates need to set small goals daily and fulfil them to cover the syllabus. They may aim to complete a chunk of the syllabus in a week or so and continue to set goals to complete the entire syllabus. Setting small goals will motivate candidates to achieve them since they will be achievable. It will also boost the confidence of the candidates.

Solving mock tests frequently

Mock tests provide a holistic insight into the questions during the CLAT Exam. It also helps the candidates understand and adhere to the time limit prescribed in the CLAT Exam. By solving mock tests frequently, candidates also get an insight into their strengths and weaknesses and get a good practice of the CLAT Exam.

Therefore, candidates must appear for the mock tests frequently; it is one of the easiest and best ways to prepare for the exam in a short time. Appearing in mock tests is not enough. Candidates can take the BYJU’S Exam Prep mock tests to evaluate and analyse their mistakes and plan strategies to overcome them.

Solving previous years’ question papers

Previous years question papers including mock tests provide insight into the questions and crucial sections for the exam. These papers also allow a thorough practice of the CLAT Exam syllabus. Moreover, candidates must analyse previous years’ question papers.

Working on critical areas and revision:

The candidates sitting for the CLAT Exam should use the six months wisely. They must work on their weak areas and critical sections of the syllabus during this time. Consulting experts, consulting various study materials, essential points and tips related to the CLAT Exam will help the candidates understand the most critical and challenging syllabus sections. They need to plan and devote adequate time to every area of the syllabus based on the difficulty level. Candidates must also keep a separate time to thoroughly revise the CLAT Syllabus’s critical points. Thus, they can remember the crucial points during the CLAT Exam.

These are some ways to help the candidates prepare for the CLAT Exam within six months; however, candidates need to put in their best effort to excel in the CLAT Exam. They must use all the study materials and notes available for the CLAT Exam. Thus, if you are looking for a platform to guide you through the CLAT Exam preparation process, BYJU’s exam Prep is the right platform for you.

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