Job vacancies in Bahrain

Job vacancies in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain attracts with its originality not only regional tourists from neighboring Arab countries, but also Europeans in search of rest and high-paying jobs. In the 70s of the last century, a state independent from Britain was formed. From time immemorial, one of the world’s best pearls has been mined here, thanks to the mixing of fresh and sea waters. He is still very popular today.

Working in a state with oil, gas and pearl reserves has its advantages. A large influx of business people, a number of multinational companies in the capital Manama, requires the expansion of the hotel and restaurant business. And this is paid work for Ukrainians, job vacancies in Bahrain  and career opportunities for young people.

Job vacancies in Bahrain

Bahrain, where there is work for both the local population and for migrants, is a state with a high standard of living. The development of the tourist destination has attracted vacancies in hotels and restaurants of famous world brands of the hotel business to Bahrain. Recreation places, large retail chains and designer boutiques of the elite class appeared. Jewelry shops are popular in Manama offering fine gold and pearl jewelry. Trade jobs are often given to Europeans with experience working with clients of different nationalities.

The price level is acceptable, especially if you buy products from the market. Housing is expensive, so when looking for a job in Bahrain, it is better to negotiate with the employer not only work, a salary in a hotel, but also the possibility of living. Better here, since public transport in the country is not developed, and taxis are not cheap.

What should you know about the employment in Bahrain?

Local residents, having the opportunity to study at the world’s leading educational institutions, have a fairly high qualification. But the state, developing in the industrial, banking and tourism fields, cannot fill vacancies only at the expense of its fellow citizens. In this small island kingdom, about half are labor migrants from Iran and European countries. Recently, the labor market has been successfully mastered by Russians and Ukrainians.

Applicants are expected to have high qualifications, professional experience and skills, ability to work and knowledge of the language. Without this, you will not be able to compete in the labor market. Despite the fact that the main language is Arabic, English is widely used by locals and tourists. The more qualified the work, the higher the level of language proficiency is required. Jobs will not be available without it.

Bahraini have an advantage when hiring, but in the absence of requests from them, the presence of a permit and a contract, you can count on a good vacancy, a decent salary, and comfortable living conditions.

Look for vacancies in major cities – Manama, Muharrak. It is home to transnational companies in the oil and gas industry, non-ferrous metal production, and shipbuilding. High qualifications are required. Knowledge of Arabic will increase your chances.

You will be able to find well-paid jobs in a network of internationally recognized hotels. These are waiters, maids, managers. There are vacancies in shopping and entertainment centers as salespeople, consultants, animators. There is work in beauty salons for girls as a hairdresser, make-up artist, nail service master. Of course, having professional experience, knowledge of English at a good level will increase your chances. If you are looking for work in medical centers, you must have the appropriate education and work experience in medical institutions.

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