Let’s Compare Diffusers With Burning Incense Sticks

Let’s Compare Diffusers With Burning Incense Sticks

Incense sticks and essential oil diffusers are more than odor killers; they positively impact your mind and body. The scents can not only alleviate stress and anxiety but can boost deeper sleep, enhance your sex drive, and prevent infections.

Let’s Compare Diffusers With Burning Incense Sticks

Incense was first used more than 600 years ago in Mesopotamia and Egypt, while essential oils were also discovered in Egypt between 3000-2500 B.C.

If you’ve been looking into incense sticks and diffusers and want to know the difference, keep reading.

What Are Incense Sticks?

Incense sticks contain an incense paste that when lit burns throughout the room, releasing the scent. To use, light the stick and put it in an insane holder to prevent the incense stick from making contact with surfaces.

The scents are frequently made from seeds, flowers, roots, spices, leaves, and other natural ingredients.

What Is a Diffuser?

The diffuser aromatherapy market was positively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and is poised to grow more. The diffusers break down essential oils into smaller molecules and disperse them in the air for calming effects.

Diffuser Sticks vs. Diffuser

Unlike diffusers which have automatic switch-offs or timers, diffuser sticks contain the fragrance oil and a base solution mixed into a glass bottle.

To use, you insert the diffuser incense sticks into the liquid with the tops sticking out. The sticks absorb the liquid from the bottle and diffuse it to the room.

Incense Sticks vs Diffuser

While both incense sticks and diffusers provide aromatherapy, there is a difference between burning incense vs oil diffusers. They each have their benefits and drawback; to learn more, see below.

Incense Sticks Pros 

Burning incense sticks provide an enhanced sense of calm and well-being. Additionally, a 2017 study found that lighting an incense stick for one hour in a room removed up to 94% of aerial bacteria.

Incense Sticks Cons

Despite the aerial bacteria benefit, a big drawback for many is the smoke from the sticks. For sensitive people, the smoke can irritate or inflame their lungs. In addition, if you use poor quality incense, there is also the risk of increased risk of cancer.

Diffuser Pros

Diffusers not only provide pure aromatherapy but can also double as a humidifier, offering additional therapeutic benefits. There are also numerous studies of the effectiveness of essential oils for treating medical concerns.

Diffuser Cons 

A major con of diffusers is hygiene. To work the diffuser, you must fill it up with water and a few drops of oil, so if you don’t clean it frequently, the water is susceptible to mold and bacteria, which can settle in the room and enter your lungs.

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Ready to Choose Between Incense Sticks and Diffusers? 

If you’re new to incense sticks and diffusers, it may seem overwhelming, but remember, both are great in their way. Whether you want a mist or smoke, pick the method that gives you what you are looking for.

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