Causes of Stress

The 4 Most Common Causes of Stress and How to Deal With Them

Stress plays a major role in the lives of all of us. Everyone battles the troubles that come along with a deadline, financial jams, and so much more. Stress creeps into our daily lives and creates chaos within the best laid plans, but dealing with stress doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a plan to short circuit the troubles that stress causes.

With this guide looking into the most impactful issues that we face, learning to identify stressors and minimize them in your life can be easier.

1. Finances


Financial issues are among the most potent stressors that we encounter. Nearly three quarters of Americans report feeling stressed about money at some time in the preceding month, and this is only getting worse. Americans are chronically bad at saving for the long term, and bills simply continue to pile up. Financial stress is common for Americans and for everyone all around the world. One way to get a handle on this specific area is to use one of many free budgeting apps to help you assess your financial situation.

2. Relationships


Relationships are another creator of stress. Many people laugh at the cliché “can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em,” yet this is often true. Spouses and partners argue about all sorts of things, money included, but they often draw back to the fact that each half of the partnership brings their own experiences, background, and ideals to the table.

There are bound to be butting heads from time to time, yet trends in the dating world suggest that very few of us actually want to be alone. We may argue the most with the ones we love, but the majority of us wouldn’t change that for the world. If you and your loved one are facing challenges, engaging in couples therapy may be a good solution.

3. Injuries and Illness


An injury or illness is a common stressor for many of us. This is especially true during the coronavirus pandemic when simply walking out the front door could bring a deadly plague back into the sanctuary of our homes. Injuries and illnesses can be debilitating and break our resolve to carry on. This leads to knock on effects that can ripple through our lives with ferocious speed. Beyond getting medical advice, of course, a good place to start helping with this area is by searching for ways to save on prescription meds and enrolling in a life insurance policy for financial security.

4. Tight Deadlines and Restrictive Schedules


Deadlines at work or in school are also high on the list for stressors that we must battle against. A pressure to perform can come in any work environment, and for many of us, this provides a slight terror that’s hard to shake. When the schedule begins to get tight, our pulse elevates. Organizational apps, like Todoist or Monday, can help get that stress under control.

Beating Stress with High Impact Strategies


Battling these stressors is as simple as identifying the problem and then exploring potential solutions. One great option is the use of CBD to help curb the impulse to respond to these external troubles. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant. Producers and reviewers, like those at CBD Nerds, are constantly looking for ways to deliver the fascinatingly potent CBD extracts to new and continuing consumers. While the FDA closely guards the ability to make health-related claims, suffice it to say that millions of people are leaning on the benefits of CBD all around the world to tackle many of these related issues that can induce stress in even the most steely of us.

Of course, it’s always a great idea to speak with your doctor about dosages and other topic areas relating to CBD and oil products containing the CBD product within them. Your doctor can give you tailored advice that pertains specifically to your case and help you tweak the tincture or CBD gummy regimen that you are considering implementing in your daily or weekly routine. CBD is a great option when it comes to dealing with these topic areas. Consider a CBD oil today for your stress-relief needs.

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