Most Visited Countries In Asia

Most Visited Countries In Asia

Asia is islands, temples, a motley kaleidoscope of exotic fruits, kind decorated elephants, fussy and intelligent monkeys, the sea, the sun, palm trees … In general, Asia is a whole philosophy, time flows smoothly, nothing passes without a trace, everything is reborn and flows into each other into a friend.

Most Visited Countries In Asia

Want to visit the most beautiful places in Asia? Then here are 10 countries, visiting which you will not be able to live as before.

  1. Thailand

This country won the laurels of the most popular resort destination for our compatriots. It has everything: a lazy beach holiday, interesting excursions, picturesque nature, rich nightlife with parties, cocktails and Thai piquancies (well, you understood what we were talking about). There are so many resorts here that you can go to a new one every year. Pattaya, the islands of Phuket and Samui are bigger and Phi Phi, Ko-Mak is smaller, but in general, there are a lot of islands, on each of which you can find everything you want.

  1. Vietnam

Rest in Vietnam is inexpensive in terms of food, entertainment and so on. That is why European youths love it, because even here you can surf and just lazily relax. The main resorts are Nha Trang, which is enjoyed by active tourists, Phan Thiet is quieter, for which family couples with children love it and Fukok is for those who love luxurious holidays. From entertainment: excursions to national parks, boat trips to the islands, all sorts of unusual activities for us (such as trips to ostriches), as well as more familiar ones – for example, Winperl Amusement Park on the island of the same name.

  1. Sri Lanka

As many antiquities as there are in the legendary Ceylon, you can hardly find anywhere else. Here and ancient Sigir is the majestic mountain, decorated with a giant statue of a lion, and Dambulla with the largest collection of Buddha statues, and Kandy – the ancient residence of the rulers, and Anuradhapura with a long history and the sacred Bodhi tree. And this is not the whole list, and yet we have not said a word about the wonderful quiet beaches with red sunsets, against the background of which the silhouettes of local fishermen sitting on special poles right in the sea darken.

  1. China

More recently, we learned that in China, in addition to the Great Wall of China and Pikin, there are seaside resorts. Meanwhile, the island of Hainan (it is also called “East Hawaii”) is very popular, both among the Chinese themselves and among Russian tourists. Holidays here can be called calm. For those who are bored on the beach, we recommend that you go on a couple of excursions and look at the life and traditions of the locals – whether they are tribes and Miao or to heal in healing springs.

  1. India

If you want to visit the sea, then you are waiting for Goa and Kerala. Goa for a party in the north and complete relaxation in the south. We can say that it is not even India, but “little Portugal”, everything is quite modern, there is not much local color, but there is a special atmosphere that hippies brought here: freedom, beach parties and all that. Kerala will appeal to those who want to get acquainted with Ayurveda, there are many centers of Indian medicine and schools of yoga. There is also the famous golden triangle “Delhi-Agra-Jaipur”, the city of Varanasi, Mumbai and many other cities that it is interesting to travel alone, but not at all safe.

  1. Indonesia

In order to understand how you can really relax on vacation, go to Bali or Java or Sumatra, in general, to one of the beautiful islands of Indonesia, where peace and tranquility reign in the background of the Indian Ocean. Look at the temples, play with the monkeys. And if you want parties, clubs and entertainment, then, for example, Balinese Kuta is more than enough for you: a whole street of entertainment facilities and several surfing schools quite compensate for your desire for activity.

  1. Malaysia

If you are an adherent of a beach holiday, then you can get plenty of it: the islands of Penang, Langkawi and Sipadan are simply created in order to enjoy the sea and the sun. And if you want to take a walk around the metropolis, be sure to visit Kuala Lumpur, where you can visit the Bird Park, the famous Petronas Twin Towers and look at a couple of nightclubs.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is usually visited by travel, because for a transit visit to the country (you have as much as 96 hours) you will not need a visa. During this time, you can visit that minimum must see, which is enough to form an opinion about the country. Visit the Clar Cay Quay in the dark to drown in the lights, take a look at the Botanical Garden and, of course, do not forget to take a couple of photos in the legendary pool on the roof of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with a stunning panorama.

  1. South Korea

This country is increasingly gaining popularity among tourists. Getting here, it creates the impression of a leap into the future: the modern architecture of Seoul, the availability of Wi-Fi almost everywhere and the mass of new-fangled entertainment. But history lovers will also find a lot of interesting things for themselves: the royal palaces of the Joseon dynasty, temples and fortresses. And here you can improve your health and get diagnosed on modern equipment is relatively inexpensive.

  1. Hong Kong

Tours to Hong Kong is an unusual immersion into a mixture of ancient civilizations and modernity, which, intertwined over many centuries, merged into a single whole. Holidays in Hong Kong can be a real discovery for lovers of the exotic: the capital of the same name, which continues unabated for 24 hours, attracts tourists from all over the world with its cocktail of the most unusual entertainment, a neighborhood of modern buildings with historical centuries-old buildings and the famous Hong Kong massage. Excellent places for beach and active recreation are interspersed with tropical thickets, luxury hotels and stylish restaurants are located between ancient temples and architectural values.

Ancient temples and pristine beaches, azure water in picturesque coves and tropical tumult of the plant world, exotic animals and birds, an ever-changing kaleidoscope of holidays, the Avenue of Stars and Hong Kong Ocean Park, the famous avenue and night market, the clock tower and Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple Temple is all Hong Kong, a country that never sleeps and always takes care of its guests.

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