Must-Have Features of a Good Meeting Venue

Must-Have Features of a Good Meeting Venue

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, currently, 604,379 small-scale businesses are operating in Melbourne. The rapidly growing industries in this region are transport, warehousing, postal, public administration, and support services. They have registered a growth of 23.2%, 10%, and 8.1%, respectively. Conferences and meetings are a usual part of businesses of all sizes. An appropriate meeting venue plays a huge role in the success of these events. Melbourne has numerous facilities that business owners can hire for hosting these events. A great Melbourne meeting venue hire is defined by meeting spaces that feature the latest audio-visual functionality and ergonomic seating arrangements. These impart adequate support to people. 

There is a great variety in conference venues these days. Choosing a suitable one is crucial for a business meeting or event to occur smoothly. Given below are some essential features that should be a part of it.

Consider the Location

Location is an important criterion when deciding to hire a meeting venue. Think about where your visitors will be arriving from and how they will come to the place. Think about whether the venue will make people feel comfortable or not. You must select a venue that has good transportation links and facilitates easy access to significant rail links and motorways. It’s wise to look into a Melbourne meeting venue hire that’s located at a distance of just 3.5 km from Melbourne’s CBD. It can be effortlessly accessed through public transport or a car. 

Assess the Technology the Venue Offers

The venue should offer sufficient technology in the form of dedicated Wi-Fi, in-house A/V equipment like microphones, projectors, PCs, and electrical outlets. Apart from that, the meeting venue should also be set up so you can live stream events. Great conference venues have digital projectors, flipcharts, and interactive whiteboards available. These technological specimens are necessary for any meeting or event to happen in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, the venue should also have experienced technicians to eliminate any chances of unwanted interruptions.

Assess the Venue Staff

The meeting venue you hire should have hospitable staff. Assess them by asking questions related to your needs. Can they effectively satisfy your queries and understand your requirements? Is the staff knowledgeable? Are they open to making reasonable accommodations? You’ll be working with the venue staff members both before, during, and after the event. So, it would be best if you didn’t overlook this crucial aspect of the place. 

Find if the venue has Turn-Key Solutions.

Often, planning speakers and meeting agendas can be quite a tiring job. So, find out if the meeting venue provides facilities and turn-key solutions according to your requirements. It includes food and beverage service, rentals, kitchen space, lighting, and the like. Some venues might be more inclusive, while others won’t be so. So, ask the venue staff to send you a list of the included services so that you make the right decision.

Size of the Space Matters

You can find conference venues in several sizes. In Melbourne, you can come across small rooms that can accommodate a dozen people and lecture halls that house hundreds of individuals. If you have a lengthy guest list, there’s no use in selecting a small meeting room. People will only feel uncomfortable and cramped. Similarly, if there are only 30 to 40 attendees, then it’s not a wise idea to book a big hall.

Recently, Melbourne witnessed a 4.8% increase in new businesses. When looking for a venue for hosting your conferences, consider the various features described above. Choose a meeting venue that falls into your budget and caters to your unique requirements.

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