Pictures on Resumes: Yay or Nay?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, when you aim for a sweet spot of between 600 and 700 words on a resume, do you really need more?

Pictures on resumes have become highly fashionable, especially in a LinkedIn-driven world. However, trendy doesn’t always mean correct. Remember, platform shoes were once the height of fashion, too!

Should you have a picture on your resume? Read on to find out.

Tradition Says No to Pictures on Resumes

The idea of including a headshot on resumes is a relatively new trend. Admittedly, it’s helped because everyone has a camera in their pocket, and you no longer need to worry about the rising prices of color ink cartridges!

Times have changed, but just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should.

Some jobs view headshots as a necessity. So if you’re an actor or model, include an image of yourself by all means.

However, you can decide whether your looks matter. For example, if you’re heading into sales and marketing, employers are more interested in what you can do than how you look while you do it.

Don’t forget that pictures can also be a distraction. The mind is always drawn to imagery over text. But, rightly or wrongly, an ill-judged picture can detract from your skills and expertise.

Most Employers Won’t Struggle to Find Candidate Pictures

For some jobseekers, including an image on their resume doesn’t even cross their mind. However, those happy to put their face out there have probably done so already.

It would be naïve to think that social media doesn’t play a significant role in the recruitment process. Employers want a more rounded view of candidates than a tailored resume can provide. So, whether you decide to include an image or not, make sure your online profile pictures put across the right impression – you never know who’s looking!

Resumes Don’t Have to Be Ugly

If you decide to follow conventional resume writing tips and opt against including pictures on your resume, that doesn’t mean you forego any creative license.

Indeed, with an average of just seven seconds to capture a recruiter’s attention, a little flair can go a long way. After a day spent looking at black ink on a white background, something more creative can provide a welcome respite.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to add a professional flair. Instead, use a professional resume builder to transform the core information into something genuinely pleasing to the eye.

Your Resume Doesn’t Need a Picture to Stand Out

Only a small percentage of jobs require pictures on resumes. Therefore, as a general rule, you should wait to be asked rather than providing an image as standard. However, if an employer is interested in what you look like, they can invite you to an interview, instantly pushing you through the hiring process!

You can find more resume writing tips and a wealth of career advice all over the blog, so be sure to take a look around!

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