Safe travel tips for first time tourists to Jaipur

Safe travel tips for first time tourists to Jaipur

Jaipur located in the beautiful state of Rajasthan is a wonderful destination for domestic and international tourists. This city is popular for its attractive forts, royal palaces, ancient temples, graceful havelis, well-preserved sanctuaries, wildlife parks, and other interesting attractions. Jaipur is also considered to be a ‘Pink City’. Rajasthan Tourism makes it a point to promote this beautiful city.

Safe travel tips for first time tourists to Jaipur

However, as a first-time traveller to Jaipur city, you need to know how to move around safely and enjoy your trip thoroughly. This is more important for female travellers. Whatever be the reason for your travel to this city, make sure that it should be fun-filled and relaxing, but not taxing. It is quite natural that you do not want to get into any messy situation of any type. To make your stay much safer and relaxed=, it will be wise to select an accommodation like samode palace. This palace has been presently converted into a luxurious hotel allowing you to stay like a maharaja. 

Points to consider when travelling to Jaipur to be safe

  • Avoid travelling during nights: This is an important point that you should take into consideration, especially when travelling solo. Try to travel with other people in a group and not alone. Also avoid going out late night by yourself. Enter your room by 9pm to ensure you are safe, get relaxed for the next day’s adventure. Optimize your travel plans throughout the day time. During the evenings, avoid walking in isolated streets having no or dim lightings.
  • Avoid trusting people easily: The common phrase is that the people who are found to be the friendliest sometimes turn out to be fishy people. Do not trust any stranger the very first time you meet him/her/them. Learn to say ‘No’ for things you do not feel comfortable with. Listen to your instincts if something is not alright. Rely more on gut feeling to feel safe. Avoid accepting drinks and food offered by strangers. Be aware especially when taking selfie with strangers and local people. The best thing that you can do as a traveller is to be approach softly and be polite. Trust yourself and no one else. Have a smiling face and tackle hard situations with determination. 
  • Be wary of pickpockets: You are likely to encounter beggars, pick-picketers, hawkers selling different types of items at all tourist sites. Avoid leaving behind your valuables and cash irresponsibly. Keep your belongings safely with your especially when using public transport to travel around. Take along minimum cash amount required to move around easily and store it in some of the hidden pouches, shoes or socks or wherever possible. Be careful at crowded places like bus stations, railway stations, etc., since pick-pocketing can be much easier here. Be careful when travelling on late-night buses and metros. 
  • Appropriate dressing: Choose modest dressing. When visiting a new city, learn to respect the citizens there, their culture, language, heritage, places of worship, etc. Dress decently to be accepted by the people there and not ridiculed or taunted at. This becomes all the more important if you are visiting any place of worship and other religious places. Avoid wearing revealing clothes. Cover your body. Do not reveal your skin excessively as the people here in Jaipur and many parts of India are quite conservative. You can opt for conservative, comfortable clothing during your journey. Make sure to carry along clothes made from linen or cotton fibres to bear the heat. 
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewellery items: Do not carry expensive jewellery items or valuables during your journey to any city outside your home. These items only attract unwanted attention of robbers and beggars putting your life and money in danger. Consider carrying along only the bare minimum. Avoiding such expensive items will ensure you do not draw unwanted attention to yourself. 
  • Cab safety: Tourists entering Jaipur city are easily recognizable, especially by taxi drivers and hawkers. They may ask exorbitant prices on their services or items sold. You should be wary of the prevailing rates to ensure reasonable rates. You can use chartered cabs or use Uber or Ola cabs to travel. They offer fixed rates and are completely safe when compared to local taxis. Taking these company cabs, you will also be traceable by your family members back home. They are also pocket-friendly and safe options to travel around. Save the cab number, driver’s name and his contact number in your mobile phone to get assistance when required or to contact near ones or the police. 
  • Avoid drinking tap water: Although the supplied water is treated by the concerned corporation authorities, it is not safe for travellers to drink water served in a glass in restaurants or tap water. Rather, choose sealed water bottles only. Make sure to avoid water-borne diseases.
  • Eat cautiously: Avoid accepting drinks and foods from strangers as it could be spiked and you will only lose your precious belongings in the process. Consume food only in those areas that maintain proper sanitation and maintain proper hygiene. Street food in Jaipur city can be quite tempting and it is really tough to resist them. However, if you experience sensitive stomach, then avoid consuming street food or local vendors. Buy food only from trusted vendors or places using hygienic preparation techniques. Carry along lots of fruits, snacks and dry food to consume if feeling hungry at remote areas. 
  • Beware of touts: When hiring tour guides, taxi drivers and tour operators during the journey, you need to maintain extreme caution. There are chances of touts cheating you of your precious money. In Jaipur city, hire guides having government approved Yellow, Green or Red card. It should be specifically meant for tourism business. Do not consider hiring unauthorized touts and guides although they may sound cheap.  Learn to say no to them. They may even advise you to shop at a specific shop or showroom only to enjoy fixed commission on sales made by them. Hence, such stores tend to charge very high prices, thereby making you to spend than what is the actual price of the product. 

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