Safety boots: Keep your head cool and feet safe!

Australia has a unique climate; compared to the countries in the northern hemisphere that have summer from June-August, Australia enjoys winter snowfall. 

Known for its one-of-a-kind Christmas, you’d probably have tried out all sorts of out-of-the-box Christmas ideas as an Australian. If not, a pair of socks or a pair of safety boots can be a thoughtful gift for your favourite friend or family member.

Before you go on to buy a pair of boots for your favourite person, here is a list of types of safety boots that are available for different work environments:

Electric hazard shoes

If you are gifting a person who works at a place exposed to high voltage circuits, then a pair of electric hazard shoes is a perfect choice. This kind of shoe reduces the chance of receiving an electrical shock. They are efficient against open circuits, loose wires, high voltage electricity, etc.

Metal instep footwear

Perfect for your loved one if they work in an industrial setting with sharp and pointy objects, like nails, metal strips, and glass pieces lying around the floor. A metal instep footwear protects the feet from injuries that might happen if feet come in contact with such items unprotected.

Metatarsal shoes

Construction sites are full of dangerous factors; if your loved one is involved in heavy work in a rough and tough place, these shoes are perfect. Metatarsal shoes are designed to support the bones of the upper part of your body along with your feet. The structure of the boots protects the feet from any injury to the feet. The support is excellent if there is any involvement in the heavy lifting of objects. These shoes provide not only external protection but also are great for the feet inside the shoes.

Safety-toed shoes

Specific workplaces put toes at particular risk. Safety-toed shoes are fashioned in a way that specifically protects your toes. These shoes are made of alloy, steel, or non-metallic toe caps that provide unique cushions and protection to the toes, reducing the risk of them getting damaged.

Heat Resistant Safety Boots

Most industrial sites include being around places that have high temperatures. These heat-resistant safety boots are markable against dangerous areas such as a furnace, as they are primarily fireproof. Ordinary shoes are not efficient in containing the heat outside, which might give the wearer a severe burn.

With these shoes on, the wearer is safe around risky areas of a steel mill, smelters, or any other high heat emission areas.

Steel insole shoes

Working at a construction site involves driving a lot of heavy machinery automobiles such as trucks, loaders, cranes, forklifts, etc. Most of these have heavy pedal push requirements. Steel insole shoes are built to support the feet and protect you from joint problems. They help you in stabilising your foot which restricts major bone problems.

Ladies Work Boots

With more female representation in workplaces, safety boots designed especially for women have been launched into the market. They are the perfect combination of tough and soft. Their styling keeps in mind the features and different foot styles of women. 

There is a range of work boots available that are suited for all sorts of work environments such as construction, laboratories, engineering industries, etc. Comfortable meshing and slip resistance features prevent feet from severe symptoms of fatigue.

Last words!

There is a saying, “To love long, Keep your head cold and feet warm.” A pair of these boots as a Christmas gift tweak the phrase in an Australian way by just replacing “feet warm” with “feet safe.” 

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