Selecting the Right Moving Company for you

Selecting the Right Moving Company for you

Recently, a couple in Oregon sued a moving company because an employee of the moving company they hired was involved in a burglary in their home the night after moving. The problem was that the moving company had contracted another moving company that had sent the crew over to the couple’s house without running background criminal checks on the crew. There are moving companies that miss-handling your moves and your information and are a threat to you and your family. Here’s how to select a moving company that is right for you:

Registered Moving Companies

Not all moving companies are registered with the authorities, and you should be mindful of unlisted companies in your area because they will bring nothing but trouble. It is the twenty-first century, and you can check the names of the company registered on your government website. I know that it will probably be slower than other websites you surf, but it is better to two extra minutes now than at a court hearing after your move, where you explain why you chose to hire an unlisted company in the first place. That’s why you need to hire a registered moving company like CBDMovers, they will help you in packing stuff and make your move smooth.

Doesn’t Outsource Moving

I will not be able to stress this enough, but there is no utility of you contacting a moving company that does not have the equipment and personnel to handle your move. If they are solely an intermediary company, they will charge you more unnecessarily, and you will get better rates from elsewhere. This is something that you can ask the companies you are contacting, like, “are you an intermediary? Or are you going to move my stuff yourself?.” There is no point in getting an intermediary unless there is virtually no moving company in your area and you have to bring someone over from far away. Otherwise, don’t contact a moving company that outsources its operations.

Insurance is essential

Good moving companies are confident in their service and their competencies, and they are willing to reflect that confidence in the insurance they offer. For instance, Move4lessnevada is a moving company based in Nevada that is so self-assured that it provides its customers full protection. If there are any damages to your belongings or something goes missing, the company will hold itself liable to replace what you lost with the help of its moving insurance feature. There will be companies in your area that offer the same protection of your belongings and reduce your stress during the move.

Professional Crew

The moving company must conduct criminal background checks on its crew before it hires them because the people involved in the robbery of the couple’s house were engaged in a similar crime before. Had the moving company conducted background checks, the whole situation could’ve been avoided.

Good moving companies have a professional crew that is very courteous and respectful throughout the move. Furthermore, the movers are so competent that you feel like they’ve done this a hundred times before, and you are not just an experiment for them to learn on the job.

Positive Reviews

It’s easy to fake a couple of reviews, but it is difficult to fake a thousand reviews, especially on third-party websites, like Google and Yelp. I recommend that you search for moving companies in your area, and try to find ones that have many positive reviews so that you can select the right company for you. I advise that you specifically look for companies that have given customers the kind of service you want for yourself, like “friendly and swift” or “professional and measured.” Lastly, I will also recommend that you contact multiple companies and get quotes from them before finalizing so that you get the most bang for your buck.

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