SEO Metrics to Track Campaign Performance

SEO has become one of the best ways to get a regular flow of new customers to a website. Believe it or not, Google now receives more than 85,000 searches per second. That makes a great pool of potential customers to tap into and why creating an SEO campaign makes sense.

There are some critical SEO metrics you need to track to measure the results of your SEO campaign. Keep reading to learn the top SEO metrics to track.

Keyword Ranking

Ranking on Google is the primary goal of SEO, so it makes sense to track your progress. However, it’s challenging to search on Google to track results yourself manually. On top of that, you may get personalized results.

A keyword tracker will help you track every keyword. You can input your keywords into a tracking tool and see where you stand in the rankings. You can use that data to track your overall results and measure if your actions result in higher rankings.

Click-Through Rate

You aren’t guaranteed a click when you reach the top five spots on Google. You still have to convince the searcher that your website has the answer they need. To do that, you’ll need a compelling page title and description.

However, not all titles and descriptions are created equal. You can do some work to make a more compelling case for your website. Use Google Webmaster Tools to track your keyword click-through rate to see how much you can improve your chance of getting the click.

Page Speed

Technical SEO is more important today than ever. Google doesn’t only want to give searchers the information they need. It also wants people to have a great user experience.

You can’t do that and show off the mission of your business if your website fails to load. Work on improving your website experience and load speed to ensure your page loads quickly for people on all devices.

Bounce Rate

Are you trying to generate web traffic to drive people to another page on your site? If so, a high bounce rate is a bad thing. The higher your bounce rate is, the more people leave your site without doing anything else.

Google also tracks this metric. It’s a sign that someone didn’t find what they wanted or spent enough time to learn everything and immediately left. Make sure you measure this metric to see if people behave as you expect on your website.

Referring Domains

You may be able to rank for a few low-competition keywords, but it’s much harder to compete in larger markets. Websites on the front page already have great content, so it’s hard for a less-known website to get traction and rank.

That’s why backlinks are a significant element in ranking for high-competition terms. You can track your success with backlinking by checking your referring domains to see what websites link to your content.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of SEO Metrics

You can’t afford to keep doing things the same way for extended periods that don’t get results. Unfortunately, knowing how to measure SEO campaign results is hard when you don’t collect SEO metrics.

The above SEO KPIs are some of the most important to consider when creating an SEO strategy. Make sure to track them to figure out if the SEO tactics you’re using work.

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