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share meapp For PC free Download [Windows 7, 8, 10]

share meapp:- Transferring data between two phones can be done on two separate PCs. So here I am going to introduce you to a new application for sharing information on devices like Windows and Mac. Let me explain to you how to install downloads on pc.

share meapp For PC Download

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how we can download and install this share meapp as we have an app called share meapp available for us to share information between the two PCs.

 By reading this article in full, I will share with you step by step how you can download and install the Share app for Windows and Mac.

ShareMe for PC (Mi Drop) Download on Windows(7,8,10)

Continue to the end with this article in full How you can learn how to install share meapp on your laptop or computer without any such doubts.

Below I will describe the installation methods in two ways that some people often ask about this application. So you should read this article to the end and come to a decision later.

Usually when people want to transfer information now the first thing that comes to mind is share meapp

share meapp for windows & mac

We will explain about this application in another article on my blog. If you want it you can read it too you can read it through the link below.

If you are a mi user it may be a little different for you. Because that means there is an app that can transfer information on MI Mobile.

Share Me For PC: Download Share me (Mi Drop) for Windows and Mac. - TechQuery

This application is also known as MI Drop. In the meantime, however, the app was renamed share meapp to make it accessible to all.

Also, this app is very easy to install and use. We can compare this app to apps like xender, superbeam and showbox.

This share meapp can easily transfer information between two phones or between PC and phones.

This share meapp is available for phones of users using Android phones, but most people may not be aware of My Drop download for PC.

Because there is no reason for anything. share meapp official app is not yet available in the Windows Store we use. Apart from that it is not available on any other website.

So, we will explain to you how to use this application to install it directly on our laptop or computer.

However we cannot use this share meapp directly on pcs. So with the help of Android emulators we can install any other application on the PC.

There are a total of two types of methods here, as I discussed earlier. So let’s start with the first method.

How to download and install share meapp for PC

 Here I have used Knox Player as an Android emulator in this first method, but you can also use any other app you like or know.

  • Let’s learn step by step how to install share meapp on mac and windows. Also, if we want to install the share meapp on PC, we need a Knox Emulator file as well as Gmail account.
  • First, you need to download the Knox Player app on your PC and then you need to install the Knox Player app on your PC.

Shareme For PC (MiDrop) Download Free (Windows and Mac) - PC APPS

  • Now open the app on your PC and sign in with your Google Account with the right information to launch the Play Store.
  • Next, double-click on the Play Store icon that appears on the dashboard and then search for the shareme app in the PC search bar.
  • The next step is to find where My Drop is and click on the Install button to start the installation process.

Let’s learn how to install share meapp on PC as before?

It then starts the installation process and you will see the Open button where this application is finally installed.


If you want to launch this app on PC, you need to click on the open button there and then you can start the app by clicking on the option that appears above the app icon.

So, downloading and installing the shareme app on your PC is one of the complete installation processes.Share Me for PC File Transfer for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac - helpsforpc

If you are using mac on your pc and want to download a share meapp for this mac, you can find out by following these steps.

You need to download the Mac version of Knox Player on Mac as before. Then you need to install it on Mac.

If you have any problems downloading this share meapp with Knox Player, you can follow an alternative procedure below.

Now in this manner, I have taken the help of Bluestocks emulator. Apart from that there is also a lot of difference between them.

Let’s learn the following steps to install share meapp on PC with Bluestacks.

  • First, you need to download and save the zip file at the bottom of your PC and then move the file into a folder.
  • Then we can see all the two types of files in that zip. Then you need to double click on the Bluestocks installer to install the Bluestocks emulator. Then sign in with your Google Account with the correct information. You can also skip that step very easily.
  • Then click on the three dots found on the main dashboard that appear in the emulator. Next, we need to click on the install apk option there and select the file called shareme app on pc.
  • Then by clicking on the Open button it will start the installation process ofshareme app on your PC.


Now you can launch the shareme app app by clicking on the icon available in the main dashboard.

This is a good process if you want to download shareme app for your Mac PC.

share meapp PC App Features.

Here are some of the key features of this share meapp app. I am sure you will get some valuable information  through this section.

  • When we transfer this file we can transfer it without the need of internet or mobile data. It helps your WiFi network to get your work done.
  • Share Your apk supports almost all file formats, so we can easily transfer any file from one device to another without any such hassle.
  • The user interface of the app called shareme app is very good and this shareme app is easy to use, but we have to look at the ads when we use this app.
  • If you are using your Windows or Mac software on your PC then we have all the features of the shareme app. So you need to know that there is no need to worry about this.
  • The developer has stated that your shareme app transfer speed can be up to 50 M / S if you have powerful enough devices.

These are just some of the features of your shareme app  app, I’m not able to cover them all here in time. All these features can be found in the app as you use them on your PC.

The end

There are a total of two methods to download and install the shareme app on Windows and Mac PCs.  Previously this app was called My Drop and now MI has changed the name of this app.

Let me know in the comment box if you have any questions or problems during the installation. I will help you to solve your problem at any time.

So, any one of the alternative options we have for you to download and install the application on your PC, we hope you like this method.

Some frequently asked questions when using this stock for the app:

Sheremi application questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by our readers on the shareme app. We hope these questions help you too.

  1. Is your share apk available for PC?

Ans:-. Not currently, but you can download it using the Android emulator on your PC.

2. How can we use mi drop on pc?

Ans. You must first install the Android Emulator to use this shareme app on your PC. Then you need to install the app on the emulator from the Play Store.

3. How to download share apk for pc?

Ans:- First of all, you need to download and install the Android Emulator on your PC. Then install the shareme app in the emulator from the Play Store.

So, these are some of the most frequently asked questions, and we hope you find the answer right here.

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