Sleeping Better - The Benefits of Woollen Bedding

Sleeping Better – The Benefits of Woollen Bedding

Since time immemorial, wool has been labelled a necessity during winters but, little is it known that it makes for the perfect material all year round.  While looking for new beds, either for a new home or as a solution to sleepless nights, woollen bedding is one of the best natural options in the market.

Sleeping Better – The Benefits of Woollen Bedding

With temperatures ranging from -8 to 38, one might worry about how wool might fare in the summers, but contrary to expectations, wool brings a lot more to the table than heat retention. If investing in an entire bedding set seems a little scary, try out a wool doona first and experience the best snooze of your life. 

These are the benefits that the most versatile material in the market brings you,

Dual Temperature Control

Wool is one of the best natural insulators available. Its fibres trap tiny pockets of air, keeping you warm and cosy. Simultaneously, wool is a super-breathable material that keeps air circulating and cool. This keeps your body at a temperature that’s optimum for deep sleep.

Wool is also a great moisture absorber, and its absorbency is almost thrice that of cotton. This allows wool to draw sweat away from the body and gives you icky-free summer nights.

Essentially, it is built to keep you warm during cold nights and cool during the steamy ones.

On the contrary, synthetic fibres such as polyester and satin not only trap hot air and make you sweaty but also leave you feeling sticky by repelling sweat. 

Moisture Absorbency 

Apart from absorbing sweat, woollen beddings such as wool doonas remain dry and fresh because they absorb moisture so well. Humid conditions can leave your room musty and stuffy, but woollen bedding can prevent that by keeping your naps refreshing and moisture-free.

After absorbing moisture, it can dissipate it because of its breathable nature, and you can bid farewell to those clammy and sweaty nights. This wicking of moisture also keeps you super dry, preventing bacteria buildup and foul body odour. 

Allergen and Pest Safety

Mites and bed bugs are the most annoying pests that infest beddings. Super-absorbent woollen beddings keep the environment ultra-dry, and pests cannot thrive in such conditions. Pest-repellent bedding will save you thousands of dollars that might have to be spent on extermination and control services. 

Moisture regulation also keeps fungal spores, which grow in moist and dark areas, at bay. Fungal spores are allergens and can result in sleepless nights caused by multiple issues ranging from dry, itchy eyes to sneezing and coughing. 

Material Safety

Wool also has hypoallergenic qualities attributed to its natural and organic source. Chemical-free bedding comes with guaranteed safety for both adults and babies!

One can consider wool to be the most well-rounded material in the market – it is not only durable and versatile but also environment-safe and sustainable with guaranteed quality.

There have been multiple accounts of beddings catching fire, but wool is a natural retardant, and this gives you added safety and assurance. 

How does this improve your quality of sleep?

By eliminating disturbances and discomfort, woollen bedding sets allow you to stay in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep, which comes after the deep sleep stage for long periods of time. Research shows that a person who is interrupted between cycles, especially in the REM stage, is less well-rested than someone who completes a single cycle without disruption. This means that the slightest disruption at the wrong time can leave you cranky and unrested. 

Ensuring you don’t wake up clammy, sweaty, cold, or itchy, wool doonas and beddings can improve your sleeping experience exponentially. Happy Shopping and Sweet dreams!

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