Some Changes People want to see on the Small Screen in 2021

Some Changes People want to see on the Small Screen in 2021

Since we started the New Year, many people have felt the need for change۔ if we talk about Indian dramas, there are many flaws in it. However, it is not because of these flaws that dramas are not liked, but because a large number of people like to watch the whole world except India because of their culture, glamor, fashion, traditions.

If we talk about ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein upcoming twist then it will be full of a lot of thrilling and engagement. Like the Nagan drama, this drama is also going to the top. With Serial Gossip, you can find out about its ratings and likes. However, will it last as long as normal dramas? I am discussing here a few similar flaws in my article that need to be improved.

So let us get started.

Endless Drama:

We understand it is all about business, but no one has the patience to watch a story over the years. It is time for producers to decide to create episode-limited shows and get on TV urgently.

Progressive Shows:

As ladies run forward and break down boundaries in genuine life, most of our TV appears, still have them in their prime to be the idealize bahu. I hope that 2021 is the year television avoids stereotypes and adapts to the changes that surround them.

Reject melodrama:

Nahin, nahin, nahin: we all know this legendary television moment that became popular in 2000. Two decades later, when the camera is no longer close to the face, the melodrama is the same and more.We still have unsuspecting parents, Bahu suffering at the hands of her husband’s relatives, and spoiled children struggling to squeeze Sotan’s conspiracies against her husband’s first wife.. Save the horror, people!

Unreal Reality TV Shows:

Not only should TV dramas be “real”, but nonfiction ones too. Most of today’s reality shows are written and this destroys the viewing experience. From gory stories about contestants, presenters flirting with judges or pranks, to dramatic dramas and fake deals between contestants, it seems like reality is gone.

Maintain ownership of the selection:

Few reality shows in India have been around for several years. Therefore, it is important to remember your heart and maintain these selection qualities. Shows like Bigg Boss, for example, have undergone dramatic changes in recent years and are no longer interested in viewers. The beauty of these programs is their unique format and their change that in most cases does not go well. So creators, take a sheet or two from the original rule book and collect the magic, please.

Popular faces in the compulsive form:

Getting a famous TV actor as a presenter or a Bollywood star as a judge can sound quite tempting, but it’s more of a powerful assembly, which makes the show awesome to watch. In addition, that was just because they seemed irrelevant. Next time stay with the experts and do not rush after popularity.

More Bollywood stars on the small screen:

Most TV stars want to see themselves on the big screen someday, but what about the opposite? Karishma Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and even Amitabh Bachchan have created fantastic series, but now they are all in the archive. Would not you like to watch a big TV show with the title of a big B-town celebrity?

Create content for an international audience:

Indian TV shows are watched all over the world, but only by Indians. When a Money Heist an amazing Serial Gossip or a Narcos as compare with ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein upcoming twist can be broadcast among the most-watched programs in our country, why can we not make programs for an international audience?


Television is a medium that reaches every corner of the country, and what better way to do it than delivering a compelling story to the public? There have been some historical programs on TV, but we have not had the story of a modern hero or idol on the small screen. Young people could easily be attracted to television through these programs.

Small town stories:

While we need true stories, we are tired of small-town TV shows for Serial Gossip. A heroic figure in a city struggling with all kinds of evil is certainly an inspiration, but too much of everything is not good. Even if you have to create a humble universe, try at least one more story!


It is the hour (or the year). Most GECs previously had a long list of sitcoms. Now hardly any shows offer brilliant moments. Most viewers turn on their television to take a break from every day and how to watch better fiction.

Youth drama:

Another Serial Gossip comeback that we want in 2021 is youth shows. After Channel V and MTV stopped making original fiction, young people got nothing to do with the small screen. This is the main reason most people switch to digital media. GEC should start contacting Gen-Y with related content.

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