The importance of flowers in funerals

The importance of flowers in funerals

Sydney is one of the ten largest cities in Australia, and it has more than 100 beaches and the deepest natural harbour in the world. Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest and largest steel arch bridge in the world. Over 5 million people live in Sydney, and more than 250 languages are spoken in this city. Sydney Flower Market accounts for nearly 75% of the New South Wales wholesale cut flower trade. Flowers provide a way to express the most profound sentiments, whether happy or sad. Sending funeral flowers in Sydney is a heartfelt way to comfort a grieving person. Arranging flowers around the deceased was one of the oldest forms of mourning. Today, flowers express feelings that are difficult to express through words.

Popular types of funeral flowers


Lily is interpreted as a symbol of renewal and rebirth, and it offers hope and encouragement to grieving people. The white colour of lily is associated with youth and purity, and it is a good choice for the funeral of a person who died at a young age.


Rose is a popular flower, and they make a great sympathy gift for a grieving family. Roses of different colours have different meanings. White roses represent innocence and purity, and peach roses express sincerity and gratitude. Pink roses indicate love, grace, and appreciation. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and support, and dark crimson signifies grief and sorrow.


Carnation is considered to be a symbol of love. Carnations are given to express the love for the person who has died or the grieving family. It is also offered to honour the life of a woman who was a great mother to her children. Red carnations represent admiration and love, and pink signifies remembrance.


Hyacinths symbolize that you care for the family and are aware of their pain. Purple hyacinths represent sorrow and regret, and it indicates the pain let upon hearing about the loss. It is a simple statement, but most often, it is what the grieving family needs.


Orchids that are freshly cut and potted orchids are given to the grieving family as a gesture of sympathy. Pure white and pale pink coloured or hide represent sympathy. Orchids are a great choice when people want to give something that will last longer than a bouquet.


Tulips symbolize grace and elegance, and they are considered to bring encouragement and hope to the suffering people. They help turn a negative mood into a positive one and signify a new beginning to the grieving family. They are a reminder of hope and happiness.


In many countries, chrysanthemums are used exclusively for funerals as they represent death, sorrow, and grief. In the United States, they are considered to be cheerful flowers.

Flower arrangement

Funeral flowers are arranged in several ways. The flowers can decorate the grave or be draped over a casket. The types of funeral flower arrangement are

Casket mounds: It is an arrangement of flowers made on top of the coffin casket. The choice of flowers and the flower arrangement are customized according to personal preferences.

Standing sprays: Flowers are arranged vertically and placed near the casket during the funeral procession. Many types of flowers are used to make the standing spray.

Wreaths: It is a flower arrangement in a circular shape that represents the circle of life. Wreaths are an excellent choice for funerals because they can be moved and placed anywhere near the coffin, in the funeral home, or the gravesite.

Baskets: Baskets are one of the most versatile funeral flower arrangements, and it is a perfect way to honour the dead person. Flowers like Lily and gladiolus are used in the flower arrangement, and the size of the basket can be small or big. 

Funeral flowers in Sydney help people express their grief to the bereaving family. Flowers are used to expressing sympathy, love, and respect for the deceased person. Send the perfect funeral flowers that help describe the feeling hidden in your heart.

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