Tips to Build a Granny Flat for Your Loved Ones

The population of senior citizens is increasing in every country, and within a decade, the older citizens will outnumber the children. And at the same time, the housing prices are skyrocketing: hence, you need to plan for your parents or relatives for their well-being. And for that, you need to find proper granny flat designs and choose one.

But, how do you choose the best design? What are the essential features of a granny flat? What are the tips for finding or building a perfect granny flat? If you, too, have these tough questions, you have come to the right place. This post is all about the tips and tricks to find/build/customise a granny flat for the comfort of the elders. If you are interested in granny flats, you must read this post as it will help you understand and choose the right flat for your parents or relatives.

Before you jump into the tips and tricks, you must understand the different granny flat designs

What is a granny flat?

The granny flats are for older adults, but it doesn’t mean nobody else can live in them. This house is great for recent graduates or couples who just got married and are trying to save money. Family members with disabilities and those requiring long-term care can also get this flat.

If you need the technical term for the granny flat, it’s ‘Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). It is also known as mother-in-law suites, accessory apartments, and backyard cottages.

This apartment can be a standalone structure in the backyard as an addition to your home. People also convert attics, garages, or basements into granny flats—they are rare.

Different types of granny flats

  • Detached ADU or detached structure
  • Attached ADU or attached structure
  • Junior ADU or internal structure

These are the various granny flat designs available in the market, and you can choose as you like.

Tips for designing the perfect granny flat

Begin with the orientation

There are several misconceptions regarding these kinds of apartments. One of them is, ‘the front door must be near the driveway.’ But, it isn’t necessary. The next misconception is that ‘the bedroom windows should face the back of the property.’ This is not true as well. The house is more than aesthetics; the first thing you must consider is the climate. You must design the house accordingly if the place is known for strong wind and sunlight (heat). You have to manage everything so precisely that the house has enough wind flowing inside but not that strong that it knocks off things.

Porch and patio choices

An outdoor space is vital for the elderly. You need a lovely porch/patio with a great view of mountains or a lovely backyard garden.

Storage options are necessary.

The elderly may need large closets, wardrobes, and pantry spaces. If you need to build a place with bigger storage space, you need to plan first. One method is adding shelves vertically, all the way up the walls. You can also hide a few shelves behind the cabinet door.

Maximise the kitchen area

It is crucial to make the kitchen space as comfortable as possible. Because if the place is clustered or too small, the elderly couple may feel congested, and accidents might happen.

Select a light colour scheme

You may have a favourite colour, or the people moving in might have some preferences for the walls (interior and exterior). However, ensure that the colours are light, warm and neutral. It would help if the colours were soft and lighter in shades. It brightens up the entire house. Plenty of windows are necessary for elderly couples (for natural light).

Safety is important

Follow these points for a safe apartment:

  • Wider corridors
  • Grab bars in toilets and shower
  • Shower bench
  • Bed safety rail
  • Home security system and indoor cameras
  • Step stools (for seniors)
  • Tile or hardwood flooring instead of carpeting or rugs

Follow these tips for a better granny flat.

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