Top 15 Nike Summer Shoes

Did you know that Nike sells an estimated 25 pairs of shoes each second? Nike shoes are some of the most popular worldwide thanks to their comfort and the sleek appearance they provide to wearers. If comfort and coolness are a high priority for your wardrobe this summer then you owe it to yourself to check out the best Nike shoes for summer.

Summer shoes should be comfortable and breathable while also adding a bit of style to the mix. Your summer shoes should be the showcase of your wardrobe during the hot months of the year, and Nike shoes live up to that responsibility no matter where your summer takes you.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn all about the best running shoes and casual shoes that you should wear this summer. Keep reading to hear all about the 15 best Nike summer shoes out there today!

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Running shoes are great if you’re looking for versatility along with a casual appearance. It’s difficult to top the Air Zoom Pegasus in those categories thanks to their subtle styling. These shoes also double as workout shoes, which are great for getting the most value out of your footwear.

They’re also quite affordable when it comes to the most popular Nike shoes. You can get your hands (or feet!) on these lightweight shoes for only $120. That’s a small price to pay for an unforgettable mix of style and comfort.

Best of all, it is one of the best running shoes in history. The 38th version of this Nike shoe has the same fit and feel as the originals which is great if you’re a massive fan of the Pegasus line. Expect soft landings and springy steps any time that you wear these Nike summer shoes around.

2. Nike Air Max 97

Some people want top-notch performance running shoes from Nike when they’re shopping for their next summer shoe. Running shoes are great but they’re not for everyone. Luckily, Nike offers some great casual summer shoes like the Nike Air Max 97.

The Nike Air Max 97 has an extensive history as a shoe that sneakerheads can’t wait to add to their collections thanks to its timeless styling and comfort. The design of these shoes is attributed to the famous bullet trains that take passengers across the nation of Japan.

These shoes are a great choice if you want a variety of colorways and customizable options. You can also get ahold of some Nike Air Max 97 collaboration shoes, like the Lil Nas X Air Max shoe collab. You’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd when you’re wearing these iconic Nike sneakers.

3. Nike Blazer ’77 Vintage

The Nike Blazer ’77 Vintage shoes are a great option if you want a retro look when you’re out and about. The original Nike Blazers got released as Nike’s competition to the Converse All-Stars that dominated the hardwood across America in the 70s. They feature a high-top design that is great with a variety of outfits and styles.

You can’t go wrong with these Nike shoes for summer if you’re looking for style points. For the best results, get a colorway featuring neutral colors in order to match these great shoes to a number of your favorite summer outfits. The subtle and classic appearance will only add to your aesthetic.

4. Nike Waffle Trainer 2

Nike is well known for its vast number of classic shoes, and the Nike Waffle Trainer is arguably at the top of that list. These shoes feature a classic silhouette that looks right at home in 2022. You’ll get great performance and comfort from these Nike shoes throughout your summer.

5. Nike Air Force 1

The shoe that officially put Nike on the map in the footwear industry was the Nike Air Force 1, and it still maintains a strong aura around it in 2022. These shoes are the go-to option if you’re looking for great streetwear shoes for the summer. Nike offers high-top and low-top options to meet your needs and preferences.

The Air Force One is famous for the leather upper and the springy Nike Air cushioning in the heel of the shoe. Wearing these classic Nike shoes is a guaranteed way to make a fashion statement with your shoe game this summer. It’s also a sure way to bring nostalgia back if you grew up in the early 2000s.

6. Nike React Miler 2

Nike shoes are always at the forefront of footwear technology, and the latest evolution in Nike development is the Nike React Miler 2. Comfort is the name of the game when you’re wearing the React Miler thanks to the React technology used in the heel of the shoe.

Walking is a big part of summer no matter if you’re on vacation or taking your four-legged family member on a stroll. There isn’t a better shoe for all of your summer walks than the Nike React Miler thanks to the added midsole and heel support in these Nike shoes.

They also make a wonderful work shoe if you work outside during the summer months since they’re designed for those that spend all day on their feet. It’s the ultimate summer shoe for the Nike collector that isn’t into running.

7. Nike Air Max 90

Another icon of the Nike shoe empire is the Nike Air Max 90, and this throwback is a great option if you want to take your summer shoe game up a level. These classics feature the Nike Air Max Pod that became a staple of Nike athletic shoes for decades.

The breathable upper material that Nike uses with these shoes is great for summer since it allows for added ventilation. The comfort that you’ll get when you slide your feet into these Nike running shoes is top-notch thanks to the Air Max Pod and the luxurious padding around the ankle area of the shoe.

It’s another great option if you’re looking for unique shoes to add to your collection. Famous musicians and entertainers have their own collaborations with Nike using this shoe, so it’s a great way to show off your support and your fashion tastes.

8. Nike Metcon 7

The first shoes that come to mind when people see the Nike swoosh symbol are often running shoes and basketball shoes. Those shoes might get most of the limelight, but the Nike Metcon is establishing itself as a classic Nike training shoe. Many Nike fans claim that these trainers are the best training shoes that Nike has produced to date.

They’re quite popular with weightlifters because they feature a wide toebox and a flat heel. These features allow weightlifters to remain in a stable position when lifting massive amounts of weight. They make a great option if you’re a big fan of the Nike brand but you’re in need of wide and flat soles.

The features also make them great if you want to use them as running shoes or athletic shoes. The flexibility of the shoe’s design makes it great for explosive movements and running. You can’t go wrong with adding these Nike shoes for summer to your shoe collection.

9. Nike Air Jordan 1 Low

Any person that spends time in the shoe game knows all about the legendary Air Jordan shoe line, but one of the best Nike summer shoes that you should get your hands on is the Jordan shoe that started it all. The Air Jordan 1 has been around for more than 30 years but its popularity continues to rise.

It offers a ton of options to meet your preferences, coming in low-top, mid-top, and high-top configurations. The colorway options for the Nike Air Jordan 1 are almost limitless. You can also get a number of different collaboration Air Jordan 1s if you want to take your shoe game to new heights.

This timeless Nike shoe is perfect to wear anywhere from the boardwalk and beach to the sidewalks and bars worldwide. You’ll never look out of place when you’re wearing Nike Air Jordan 1s.

10. Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez is another popular choice when it comes to the Nike shoe line. These shoes first gained popularity and prominence on the West Coast and got their start as running shoes. Over the course of years, this shoe has evolved into a great shoe for streetwear and casual appearances.

The combination of premium leather and a supportive rubber sole makes it the perfect compliment to any outfit. You can’t go wrong with the minimalist appearance and the color options that this Nike shoe brings to the table. Count on the Nike Cortez to become a favorite and a staple of your everyday wardrobe.

11. Nike Air Huarache

The 90s was a fantastic decade for a number of reasons, but one of the things it’s best remembered for is the Nike shoes from that period. Nike designers weren’t afraid of designing radical shoes, and one of the best results of those shoe experiments was the Nike Air Huarache.

The features that make these Nike shoes stand out from the rest are many, but the most prominent is the exoskeleton of the shoe. The design is meant to provide additional levels of support to the person wearing the shoe. The exoskeleton molds to your foot and your ankle to give you greater levels of support when you’re running, jumping, and cutting.

12. Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

Trail running is a sport that is gaining a large fanbase since it combines running with enjoying the beauty and fresh air that nature provides. Roots and rocks might make the path treacherous for those that try to tackle these trails in street running shoes. With the Air Zoom Terra Kiger, Nike has the perfect summer shoe for the trail running enthusiast.

This shoe is bound to provide you with the durability and traction to stand up to the trickiest terrain while remaining lightweight and comfortable for miles and miles. They were originally released as casual shoes but have received a number of tweaks to optimize them for athletic and running use.

12. Nike Free Run 5.0

A modern classic, the Nike Free Run 5.0 continues to maintain a cult following thanks to the clean design and the fantastic comfort that it provides. They make the perfect shoes for the summer since they’re at home on the run, playing sports, or traveling to your summer vacation destination.

The upper part of the shoe is comfortable in the summer heat while still providing an ample level of support. If you suffer from chronic foot pain and plantar fasciitis then you should consider giving the Nike Free Run 5.0 a try. You’ll get comfort, stability, and style in one beautiful Nike shoe package.

13. Nike Space Hippie 04

Another great Nike shoe that you should consider getting this summer is the Nike Space Hippie 04. These Nike shoes are an attempt to eliminate harmful waste on Earth by using recycled materials to create shoes. Each shoe is made from 25 percent recycled material like plastic bottles, yarn scraps, and t-shirts.

14. Nike Air Zoom Pulse

Comfort is often key when it comes to the best summer shoe, which is why the Nike Air Zoom Pulse is a great option if you want comfy feet this summer. The original design was geared toward providing comfortable footwear for nurses. You’ll get a ton of comfort and a grippy outsole that will hold true in slippery conditions.

15. Nike Air Trainer SC 2

Michael Jordan wasn’t the only athlete that brought prominence to Nike shoes. The Nike Air Trainer SC 2 is often associated with the legendary Bo Jackson, and it is the shoe that made Nike the go-to option for cross-training shoes. These shoes are the perfect summer shoe for the athlete that wants a nice mix of style and athletic performance.

Find Your Favorite Summer Shoes Today

No summer is complete without the right summer shoes for all of your summer adventures and endeavors. Nike supporters have a vast wealth of options to choose from when it comes to the best Nike shoes for summer. You can get comfortable running shoes or vintage Nike classics like the Air Max 90 and the Air Jordan 1. The perfect Nike shoe is out there and waiting for you when you start your search to find shoes for the summer.

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