Top five painting companies of all time

Top five painting companies of all time

If you are someone who’s been wandering with the decision to paint your spaces, then you’ve landed in the correct place. As simple as it might seem, when it comes to taking the decisions related to painting your space, some details require your attention. From choosing the correct color combinations to deciding on what type and which brand you’ll choose for the painting, everything requires loads of brainstorming. One of the important decisions can be choosing what brand you buy the paint from.

To your rescue, here’s a list of top painting companies that serve customer requirements like no other.

  1. Asian Paints – One of the leading brands in the paint manufacturing sector, Asian paints has been doing business since 1942 and earning the trust of many. When people think about paints, this name subconsciously pops into their mind which is evident of the fame this brand has gained. They have an immense variety of paints available for wood/metal painting, interior and exterior painting, wall painting, etc. Their product line consists of numerous types of paints like oil paints, emulsions, cement-based paints, whitewashes and so many more that you can choose from.
  2. Berger Paints – Another leading brand in the industry, Berger paints is known for the innovation that it induces in its product. It has a massive product range of paints, wall coatings, chemicals, etc. that you should take a trail of before finalizing the brand you would deal with for painting your homes and other spaces. Having multiple manufacturing units all over the country, Berger is the name for the future of paints. If you are looking for designer finishes, the best interior emulsions, and distempers then you should browse through the products they offer.
  3. Indigo Paints – With constantly introducing new products, Indigo has always been one of the trending paint companies. Providing the best solutions for your painting needs, this brand offers diverse products that will beautify whatever space you are buying paint for. If you are painting your walls for the first time or are planning to repaint your spaces then Indigo paints offers paints at economical rates. Some of their creative products include leak proof emulsion, Aluminum paints, Stone and tile paint, etc. Make your walls happy by choosing the right dressing for them.
  4. Kansai Nerolac Paints – Aren’t you already humming their catchphrase? One of the best-marketed brands, they offer premium quality products that have created a strong customer base for them over the years. This was the first company to launch cathodic electrodeposition Primer and coatings for automotive products in India. Kansai Nerolac is the second largest coating company in India and its many other achievements make the company one of the most trusted in the industry for ages. With so many milestones achieved, you can surely trust Nerolac for painting your spaces with the best quality paints.
  5. Akzo Nobel Paints – Popularly known as Dulux paints, Akzo Nobel has had its presence in the county for more than fifty years. If you are opting for paints from this company, then surely your home would turn out to be sustainable and creative. A renowned paints and coating company, Akzo Nobel provides diverse products to its industrial and residential customers. They have also started with pre-painting services like color preview, site management, etc. so that you tend to choose the best colors for your home.

With so many other names operating in the industry, you can easily get confused. Fortunately, good painting services available like this brand have made it easy for the customers to make important decisions easily with the help of professional help.

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