Top Secrets to Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling Forever

Top Secrets to Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling Forever

When your clothes fade, you don’t have to think much before replacing them. But you can never think the same way about diamond jewellery. It’s an entirely different story. 

Be it your engagement ring, a diamond necklace that your partner gifted you, or an elegant set of earrings that your mom may have gifted you, pieces of jewellery carry a lot of emotional value. You cannot just replace them with another one. 

If you own a piece of diamond jewellery, you must be aware of the many challenges you must face to maintain and keep it sparkling forever. So, this article will help you with some essential tips and tricks to keep your jewellery as new as ever. 

Ways to Keep Your Diamond Shining Forever

It’s natural to want to maintain your diamond necklace, pendants, earrings, and rings to keep their shine from fading away. There are many ways in which your jewellery can experience everyday wear and tear and lose its shine. 

Diamond is one of the most precious stones available in different jewellery forms. As the global demand for precious gems increases, explorers and miners have difficulty finding them

Price is another factor that keeps people from replacing old diamond jewellery with new ones. Hence, it’s essential to keep your jewellery clean and maintain it regularly to keep it looking new. 

So, here are some effective ways to go about this.

1.Give Them Regular Cleaning

One thing that keeps diamonds going and sparkling forever is regular cleaning. However, factors such as oil, sweat, and dirt can often block the passage of the light that helps them shine. Hence, if you regularly clean your diamonds, you will be doing them a great favour. 

Clean them gently with the help of warm water, mild soap, and a soft toothbrush. Along with cleaning the diamond, you might also want to clean the back side of the jewellery, where most of the dirt is accumulated. Once you’re done cleaning it, wipe it with a soft cloth. 

2.Touch Them Gently

The question of whether to touch your diamonds or not has always baffled many people. The less you touch your diamonds, the better it is. That’s because every time you touch them, your skin transfers its oil onto them. 

So, this overtime build-up then results in discolouring and fading of the sparkle and shine of the jewellery. So, make sure to keep the touching minimal, only when needed. 

3.Don’t Wear Them Often

It is important to know when and where to wear your diamond jewellery. They aren’t meant to be always worn. You can wear them daily, but they’re not suitable for every occasion. For example, if you’re heading for a vacation by the beach, you might have to consider leaving your precious jewellery in its box. 

Similarly, be mindful of the chemicals you use on your jewellery to clean it. If you intend to use bleach or chlorine, make sure to remove the diamonds before you start cleaning them. 

4.Storing Them Carefully

Well, this one point cannot be stressed enough. Diamonds are sensitive to certain climatic and weather conditions. When not protected or stored correctly, it can affect their sheen, and nobody wants that. Once it’s damaged, there is no way to restore its original shine and sparkle. 

So, store each of your pieces individually and not together. Invest in a fabric-lined jewellery case to store them separately. 

Final Thoughts

Precious jewellery like a diamond necklace, ring, pendant, etc., needs extreme care and maintenance. If you want them to last long, you must actively care for them and invest in high-quality cleaning products that will not damage them further. 

So, follow the steps mentioned above and give your diamond jewellery the makeover it deserves!

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