What Are The Benefits Of Using PDF Files?

What Are The Benefits Of Using PDF Files?

Developers have become more helpful in today’s digital era to provide convenience. One input is the conversion of several files into formats that are easy to download and transfer from one device to another. If there are no file converters, then how will individuals compile and secure their files accurately?

Word files, images, audios, and other related software can now be transformed into something portable through the use of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The most commonly used nowadays is the PDF file, which has always been maximized.

How to convert a word file to PDF?

Everyone appreciates readable documents either for young and adults. The most common conversion that occurs is from Word to PDF which makes reporting and exchanging of files easier and faster. When selecting files with .doc or .docx extensions, either of the two may be converted into PDF.

Here is the step-by-step procedure that you should follow in converting your .DOC or .DOCX File:

  • Converting Offline

From your My Computer’s folder, select the preferred word document to be converted free pdf converter. Once you have opened the file, go to File, and look for Save As. The Save As button means you will have to replace the file name with a new one or change the format. As you have clicked that, select the file location where you want your newly formatted file to be saved. A window will pop up and change the type of format from Word Document to PDF. Then click Save. A preview will show using your PDF reader.

  • Converting Online

Open your browser and search for a file converter online. Choose your Word Document file from your computer or it can be from your Drive, Cloud, and Dropbox. Drag the file on the converter box or paste the link from your online file storage. Click Convert and wait for the app to process it. Once it is finished, you can now download and save the file or share it with someone you need to have access to.


  • PDF files carry high security that hackers will hate. It can be protected with passwords in order to keep them from unauthorized users. You are also given the option whether how many users can access it or view it without editing the original formats. This is why most companies and other business owners set their files into PDF.
  • PDF can come out with multi-dimensional elements that can be used for reports. As mentioned earlier, that not only word can be translated into a PDF file but also graphics such as images, animations, audios, 3D rendered models, and hyperlinks.
  • If a phone is hand-carried, alongside it are files documented in PDF that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This means that PDF is very convenient for most users and its compatibility with electronic devices nowadays is incomparable. Provided that it can be compressed into smaller size which saves memory space.
  • A converted file into a PDF maintains its graphics. This means that the layout and the content are fixed and are displayed just like their original format either from word or image file.

Tools used to convert into PDF

There are many applications that are downloadable online that can aid in converting files even at the fastest pace. These are the most used tools that have been utilized because of their features that are certified with data security.

  • PDFBear

This online converter has over 20 processes or tools that can be used. Whether you are on your laptop or phone, PDFBear allows you to access its features in order to deliver a high-quality document no matter what the size is and you don’t need to think about any extra charges while waiting for your file to be converted.

  • CloudConvert

For over 200 supported formats, you can convert whatever under the umbrella of file extensions you can encounter. This online converter ensures the files actuated with the privacy policy. In order for you to enjoy more of its special features, you need to register and pay for their services, you want to avail.

  • Soda PDF

Here you have to purchase their services for converting files into PDF because of its higher standards, and it is also dedicated to being installed on your computer. Softwares are established to further protect your files from cyberbullies and help you more in archiving for a longer period.


PDF files are now required to be part of a system where the use of papers is lessened. People should start acknowledging this format in order for them to secure their files easily and with protection. The benefits of PDF files are becoming wider, especially for companies that are looking for tracking their records from years ago. With the implementation of its attributes, people can handle small and large volumes of files every day.

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