What Are the Easiest Fish to Catch?

Fishing has been a favorite pastime of human beings since the beginning of recorded history. It’s as popular as ever, as people all over hit their local fishing hole to relieve some stress, practice their skills, and catch dinner for the next several weeks.

People in the United States recently took approximately 190 million fishing trips collectively in a single year. If you fish, it pays to research what’s biting.

Read on to learn more about the easiest fish to catch, along with some fishing tips to help you reel them in.


Micropogonias undulatus, commonly known as Atlantic croaker, or just Croker, is found in abundance all up and down the east coast. These fish get up to about a foot long and weigh upward of 2 feet.

If you fish anywhere in the Atlantic Ocean, you’re likely to go home with a cooler full of fresh Croaker. To catch these fish, you’ll need to keep some bloodworms on ice, along with squid or soft crab.


When learning fishing for beginners, you’ll likely catch a lot of trout. These fish are found in freshwater and are commonplace for people who fish rivers.

People generally use flyfishing techniques to catch trout, rather than live bait. If you’d like to catch trout with bait, you can try nightcrawlers or salmon eggs.

Largemouth Bass

When you hit the water, you’re likely trying to break your largemouth bass record. These fish are common in freshwater and go by a lot of different names.

Depending on what part of the United States you’re in you might refer to these fish as:

  • Sea bass
  • Green trout
  • Widemouth bass
  • Bucketmouth

No matter what you call them, these fish are great finds because they’re heavy and can easily feed the entire family. They reach sizes as great as 22 pounds and come in a variety of colors and shades.


You’ll likely find plenty of catfish when learning to fish. There are several different types of catfish, and they congregate in freshwater bodies. These fish exist on every continent and are called different names all over the world.

Catfish are some of the most commonly fried fish that restaurants and people cook. They get crispy gold and are often put on fish sandwiches.

The ability to have a never-ending supply of food is one of the biggest benefits of fishing, and why so many people love it. Make sure that you learn the law wherever you’re fishing, and that the catches you keep are at or above the minimum weight limit.

You can also click here now when you want to get up to speed on fisherman’s license requirements.

The Easiest Fish to Catch

If you’re a fisherman that wants to heat up the oil in the deep fryer and feed the family, consider the above examples of the easiest fish to catch. Knowing how much fish is out there is a confidence booster when you’re learning how to fish.

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